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    Protective gear for DH?

    Its an interesting and impressive data set (that's a lot of real world data) that strongly highlights the need for further 'quality' investigation, however it appears to be flawed in its representation of the results or outcomes. This occurs as this appears to have been put together by...
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    AM And the winner is..Nomad 4cc

    haha, pretty solid coil conversion review. Did you weigh the fork pre and post installation, wonder what the damage will be.
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    Looks like Paul Aston and Pinkbike have parted ways

    Bummer, he was the only good reviewer on there. Certainly the most skilled judging by his riding background.
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    Thread up bottom bracket options for Race Face cinch cranks

    I can't help directly, but I have a Wheels MFG on a gravel bike, PF30 - but running 24mm shimano cranks and quality wise its been fantastic, initially after 2-300km's developed a creak, but my error in not ensuring it was tight enough, been perfect since (3k old and going strong). Quality seems...
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    Seat Tube Angle

    It is probably never going to be an issue, as the STA gets steeper, the pelvis is moving more forward in relation to the pedal axle, so while in a static sense the knee looks well in front of the axle, its more so your whole body is leaning into the pedal stroke. I am thinking they need to be...
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    Seat Tube Angle

    STA have always been shit house on MTB bikes for tall folks, its only recently that the bike designer 'experts' have got their shit together. My above hyperbolic statement mostly refers to effective vs actual STA's. Actual is the only measurement I am interested in, as the effective angle may...
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    Buxton and Lake Mountain Thread

    Got any recommendations for Gippsland trails worthy of a day visit?
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    MASSIVE THANK YOU Crash at Mt Buller 16th Feb *UPDATED with crash footage*

    Well, after waiting 15 years for a decent whoopsie, perhaps needing a helicopter flight is taking things to far (I mean maybe)! Decent list of ouchies, must have been a pretty impressive ragdoll. All the best, clavicles are shit to break, but ribs are worse.
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    Dedicated MTB chairlift

    Yes they do have a NIMBY problem. Imagine the general tourism especially year round if they a chairlift in from the township to the summit of Donna Buang, but they appear not to want the tourist dollar as someone might drive or ride a bike past their house!
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    Little Things You Hate

    Ya same, I've been sticking to bike trails and rail trails for years, requires a bit of driving to get to them, which is paradoxical, because I am riding for fitness and stress relief, but I'd rather not die.
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    Little Things You Hate

    Quick update. So ah, yeah, I really need to stop diagnosing things, like that time I didn't realise I had broken ribs, collapsed lung and heart failure. I am a slow learner. I've got bloody pneumonia! one for the bucket list I guess - decided to get checked out after the man flu progessively...
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    Wheel Build Advice Thread

    I didn't want to be mean and say anything, as I thought the first spoke tension image was pretty bad, tensions were all over the place. However, this is now looking pretty nice, well done .
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    Little Things You Hate

    The tards at out local riding spot, many of the tracks are two way, several of those have substantial speed, berms, jumps and blind corners, getting sick of people feeling that it is their private race track causing near misses. The track builders are too dopey to acknowledge this, so they are...
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    Little Things You Hate

    They certainly seem more polite and friendly than the too cool for school enduro crowd. So... you are riding in an out of control manner and expect others to get out you way so you don't crash?
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    Mt Beauty or Falls Creek

    Carried them up the stairs :( admittedly, this was shit after a full days riding. It is a three bedroom apartment, put a mat down in the bedroom without a view and parked them in there. I never asked if this was allowed, but also made sure no one would know that I did. Another option I've used...