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    Triple A rating - What is it good for ... Huh

    Not directly, the main problem was bad debt re-birthed over and over again until it got to AAA rating, loopholes in the American financial system.
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    Official Old Mans Valley MTB Park - Hornsby

    Was out there yesterday and there was a bloke hitting the big jump line and riding pretty hard with no helmet, I asked him where his lid was and he told me it was at home. Ridiculous. Couple of other people without helmets too but they seemed to be curious as opposed to riding it. Also noticed...
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    Tyre pressure. How things have changed.

    I recently purchased a Schwalbe digital tyre pressure gauge, reads pressure a bit lower than the gauge on my pump.
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    AM 2014 Trek Remedy 2018 Trek Remedy 8 (Page 3)

    Put a massive hole through the rear Bontrager tyre which destroyed it, then on the next ride managed to ding and flat spot the Bontrager rim to the point of no repair! I managed to bend the ding out so it would hold air in tubeless but the flat spot remained, I got through a few rides like this...
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    Thredbo thoughts

    Did a lap last trip, was pretty good! We left it too late to leave Thredbo and missed the free shuttle back...whoops! Next time I'd give it a few hours and stop for a swim in the river halfway!
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    Thredbo thoughts

    Agreed, I did rate the trail leading into the Flow and AM across the ridge, but the remainder was same-same. And tamed down if anything.
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    Thredbo thoughts

    My last two trips to Thredbo have left me wanting, I'll even go as far to say I won't go back until there is substantially more trail development! I do like the additions to the AM and Flow trails, however I still think that only 3 trails lacks variety as it does get a bit repetitive - because...
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    All Mountain Tyres

    Brief review on the Onza Ibex EDC's. I've had 4 solid sessions riding (1 x Green Valleys + 3 x Thredbo) and the tyres are great! I've been feeling confident with them on a variety of terrain, and wet/dry dirt! Would def recommend them! The rear tyre is showing a fair bit of wear but...
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    how do you cope with the heat

    As long as I'm moving I find the airflow keeps me cool enough - commuting to and from work the heat doesn't really bother me too much as I can keep the pace up! Climbing the MTB on the other hand, twice this summer I've had to really back off on the climbs to manage the heat! I've been drinking...
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    All Mountain Tyres

    Got a set of Onza Ibex EDC's on he bike last night - keen to see how they go!
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    Bleeding hydraulic brakes after 1 year - worthwhile?

    My shimano brakes do this if the bike is laid down or held upright for a while...had a scary moment at Thredbo when I pulled my bike off the chair and went thundering down the fire road and the rear lever went back to the bars, couple of pumps and all good! The Deores on my commuter were...
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    The "I will ride _____km in 2021" thread - commit and conquer here!!

    Ended up at 1,959km total for the year - reasonably happy with that total!
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    Track pump for tubeless tyres - recommendations?

    Have a compressor already, it's big, old and I think it's not running right. At least I can pack the track pump into the car if needed.
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    Track pump for tubeless tyres - recommendations?

    Cheers, ordered one today!
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    Track pump for tubeless tyres - recommendations?

    I'm on the hunt for a track pump that can seat tubeless tyres - any recommendations?