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    NSW 2018 Evil Insurgent - Medium

    Item: 2018 Evil Insurgent - Medium Location: Hunters Hill, NSW Item Condition: Great Condition - Light scuffs, brakes need a bleed. Reason for selling: No time to ride Price and price conditions: $4750.00 Extra Info:[/b Rockshox Pike Air 160mm RaceFace Atlas Bars & Stem FSA Headset XT Brakes...
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    Official Closure of Warrimoo (and what you can do to help)

    Any news or updates regarding the moo??
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    Smash repairers/Machinists/Truck drivers or anyone with an opinion.

    Throw the scotch in his eyes? Then burn him with the Cigar? why?
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    Smash repairers/Machinists/Truck drivers or anyone with an opinion.

    No i did not film the lift.....stupid me.
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    Smash repairers/Machinists/Truck drivers or anyone with an opinion.

    Hi Guys, Today on my way home from work, I did something stupid... Ran up a truck drivers ass.. Not my brightest moment. My car and the truck where still both drivable, nobody hurt. The only damage to his truck was a bend in the rear bumper, below the hydraulic lift. Driver and I...
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    NSW sold

    Throw me an offer, need 'em gone!
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    NSW sold

    Item: POC VPD 2.0 Knee Guards Size Small Location: Hills District Item Condition: Near New, Tried on once. Reason for selling: Too Small Price and price conditions: $100 ONO Extra Info: Got a medium size, best guards I've ever used. Comfortable and minimal shifting around when riding. No...
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    TAS Sold

    Any idea how much freight to Sydney area will cost?
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    SOLD = 2014 Shimano SLX BR-M675 brakeset

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    ..:: Hope Pro2 Evo / ZTR FLOW Wheelset ::.. SOLD

    These bad boys still for sale?
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    Chain reaction cycles

    The Prices on somethings are pretty damn good. The range of items/brands is small but slowly getting better. Service and postage time is the best I've experienced thus far from any online store.
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    Bamp, offers people offers!
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    Specialized Pitch - What happened to it ?

    Yea that was my assumption. I always wanted the enduro but my funds wouldn't permit it at the time so I went for the Pitch, blessing in disguise. Here's my Pitch in all it's glory And now,
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    HI Whistler is the shit my friend. I stayed there for a month in 2013 and had a great time, staff are awesome and its about a 10-15 bus ride to the village, if you get a bus card its fairly cheap too. Rooms fit four people, theres a locker and a bit of space under your bunk for storage. Kitchen...
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    Price Dropped.