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    What do your kids ride?

    Yeah quick swap, it's just physical cables to swap in the lever. Suggest you disassemble and lube bars, stem and vbrake calipers and housing (yeah shouldn't have to I know) was crusty AF and felt like sh1t, brakes were inconsistent with low spring tension. Edit; freehub will loosen up too.
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    What do your kids ride?

    Yes mate, 16. No complaints at all, it's not even than much heavier than the 12. Actually, he's a lot faster and if I'm walking the dog behind, I end up running.
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    The Vintage Mountain Bike Thread.

    A seat cover on any bike generally indicates they have NFI about bike stuff.
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    What do your kids ride?

    Upgrade time from the 12. I was wrong to doubt the timing, it's geared taller mechanically and effectively, but he nailed it first time out. He was sad to lose the pedal brake but smiled when I said he can still do skiddies with the new rear brake.
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    3/4” sleeve jerseys... school me please.

    Every 3/4 I have started out as full length. Scissors are handy to adjust, ends self heal after a few washes.
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    Chain reaction cycles

    It's liquid form, better for conversion of the nitrates whose reaction commences with all the enzymes and sh1t in the mouth, apparently. I dislike anything in my coffee except water, def no beetroot.
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    Chain reaction cycles

    I got revenge for you PP, ordered about 5kg of beetroot juice concentrate and it was free postage.
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    The watch thread.

    Australian mining industry Congrats mate, glad you could come to a decision on it. Enjoy!
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    The watch thread.

    Everyone is different, although for me Tags remind me of an industry I was once in where everyone had one, and looked down on your IWC or Rolex because they had NFI anyway. There's other watches but they may be too out there if you have settled on those two, E.g. IWC pilot, portugeser, even...
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    Torpedo 7 leaving Oz

    I bought a one-up dropper for the discount but tbh the other prices even with 30% were touch and go. The range has suffered a bit last few years, no doubt a few things beyond their control going on in our region. Happy trails back in NZ T7!
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    Other spirits

    That's Ciroc surely. Let's make a spirit out of grapes and call it vodka. Edit: Russian Standard Imperia for me
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    Forget that new Jeffsy ad... (carbon lizard)

    Looks nice, but for some reason I want them to stress test it against a concrete bollard, like the old nomad vid.
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    I've had it same spot in reg shoes with flogged soles and without arch support. Everyone's different tho.
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    Giant Anthem or trance?

    I have a 17 anthem, with 130mm air shaft, decent tyres and beefy bar and stem it's a fun bike at 130/110. Faster and stiffer than my older trance everywhere, a very fun and fast bike. Rode my buddys alloy '18 trance 2, was a pig in comparison, really.
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    Confessions from the fuckwits

    Reminds me I have a set kicking around I should reuse. Also have a newish set of mx4 without cleats if anybody wants those for postage. Round bar, not the square stamped version.