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    Official kentlyn thread

    where is this menai u speak of feed me knowlage gobble gobble lol is there any good trails down castle hill way
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    my new toy Kona StInKy

    it has wheels
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    Official kentlyn thread

    hey ive been riding the kentlyn trail for about 2 months n ive been trying to figure out where the hell these awsome trails u guys r talking bout r so i was wondering if any 1 could show me round on saturday the 10th:D
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    Downhill/Freeride tracks in Sydney?

    if u dont mind a bit of travel try out campeltown way there is heaps out there but im not telling where coz if people find out the tracks will go to hell
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    Transition Bottlerocket

    hahahahahaha yer my yr old dj just got its first flat today n its all ur fault lol hehe i can c canvas:p
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    Transition Bottlerocket

    hahahah yes this is an awsome bike n guess wat i have ridden it hahahahahahahahaha yer i would b jelous to:D dont cry