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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    After nearly 12 months of riding to the supermarket, I prepped the mountain bikes, ready to go for some local gravel path rides. (Mel lockdown). The Superfly got new tyres and a wash The Stache got refreshed sealant and a tune up The Procaliber got a sealant refresh and a wash The Jam2 got a...
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    Caravans. Particularly Toy Haulers.

    I wouldn't be holding my breath on a big sale. There will be show specials, as there are at all shows - this online event replaces leisure fest, which is the second largest Victorian show - behind the Feb show at the showgrounds. 90% of caravan manufacture in Australia happens in Victoria, with...
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    They’re a 27.5 x 2.45. It’s on a 35mm rim, replacing a 2.8 dhr. I got them ordered in to Summit, fitted a highlander 29x2.45 on the front (bike is a mullet). Should be a great combo.
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    New stoppers and tyre day. Interested to see how the new G2 ultimates feel on the trail, they feel good in the stand and the bed in braking. Much better than the Magura that they replaced. The tyres are a relatively known quantity. I’ve been a fan of Mitas for a while now.
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    Suspension issues

    This always interests me, a product which has been specced on a bike but is not produced by the bike manufacturer fails, and people don’t want to buy another bike from bike manufacturer x. I understand it’s frustrating, and if there’s other reasons then all good, but to write off a brand...
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    Potentially Cracked BB

    One of my frustrations with carbon and ‘paint cracks’ is that the paint has cracked for a reason, something has moved that probably shouldn’t have.
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    Arm of derailure contacting cassette

    Direct mount frame. Try this
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    XT Di2 plans, advice needed.

    There is the PRO Tharsis Trail, that is Di2 compatible at 800mm
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    XT Di2 plans, advice needed.

    You will be right. just be careful of the length, best to allow some slack, if a duallie there will be some movement, and also if there's a crash, you don't want to be ripping cables out, the ports can be damaged. The other consideration is cable routing and getting one single length of cable...
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    XT Di2 plans, advice needed.

    Biggest issue will be if the 1400mm cable is long enough to get from the junction to the rear mech.
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    ENO Freewheel - replacement for outer teeth?

    Try Gran Prix Cycles in Caulfield, they used to bring White Industries stuff in.
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    Heavy dude puncture proofing?

    I aint to weight weenie, and I run tubeless and have for about the last 8 years. Have had zero problems other than burping when experimenting with pressures. Have run it with GEAX, Maxxis, Schwalbe, Bontrager, Specialized, and Rubena tyres with no problems. Key is running enough pressure...
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    FOUND Rocky Mountain Element MSL, XS - Vic

    This bike was found during a police operation. From all reports, it is undamaged. Awaiting court to release the bike as it was seized as part of a search warrant. There is some good news out there.