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    VIC WTB: 230 x 60 mm Shock

    And watch yourself on there. I got burned by some individual selling a shock as serviced which was anything but. My fault, don't trust people on the internet. Got it serviced and sorted for less than what I could have paid.
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    VIC WTB: 230 x 60 mm Shock

    Not that I recommend spending time on it but there's some on FB groups I've seen...
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    Newbie here :)

    Welcome! Riding is top fun and can be as thrilling or as chill as you want. Make sure you've some decent protection (knees / elbow / gloves) to work with your helmet and get to new trails when you can. Well done on getting into it before too long. 48 is plenty young enough.
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    WTB Hope hub

    Let me know if you're after an XD Pro 4 Hope Freehub. I've an unused one sat in the garage. Never seen a cassette as I run Shimano.
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    Ti Frame Geometry - Lend me your skills

    Mtbdirect sell the Paradox, at least that's where I bought mine from. And I've the XL and usually prefer longer stays but it works very well on the hardtail. Granted if I were building an XL they'd be 10mm or 15mm longer but I'm certainly loving riding it as it is. Perhaps the longer stays...
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    Ti Frame Geometry - Lend me your skills

    I'm riding a Banshee Paradox and heavily recommend it. The chainstays are 425mm and it's set for 130mm to 150mm fork travel. Take a look at the geo for your size.
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    With Lysterfield closed it seemed like Melbourne decided to hit the YY. Great riding there today and managed to get out with bike and body in one piece. I did manage to cop a decent ding on my rear wheel down Turbulence. Thankfully not an expensive one though.
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    VIC Lysterfield Park

    There are spots in the park like the Somme. And unfortunately you only find out how bad spots are when it's too late to turn back. It's been dry all week but the volume of traffic has been so high that it was a matter of time before closure was required. I'm talking cars down Horswood Road...
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    Best SPD "Trail" Shoe

    They're my go to. So comfortable and better than many carbon soled buys I've made.
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    One Up Dropper V2.1 clunking/noisy

    +1 on the PNW Loam Lever. I'm running that on a 2.1 One Up and have no complaints. It's smoother than the Bontrager ones I'm using in other bikes.
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Rode the Paradox around some of Lysterfield. If you're headed there in the next few days, don't bother. Only Follow Me is worth riding along with Middle. Almost everything else is a mess or worse. Glad I took the hardtail. Just washed it and bounced it dry then put it away.
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    Rear Wheel. Spokes Detensioning. Creaking noise under braking or climbing.

    Possibly a suspect build then. Like I say I had the SLR wheels (two sets actually) and both were fine for wheel strength. Any chance you can get them checked over by a friendly LBS?
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    The last movie you've last watched last

    Justice League Dark Apokolips War. 8/10 if not more. And SO much better than the DCEU rubbish foisted onto us. If you like your animated films, get onto this. Flashpoint Paradox and then some. Watched it twice...
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    Rear Wheel. Spokes Detensioning. Creaking noise under braking or climbing.

    I heard that can actually be system weight. Rider + bike. So that leaves a more slender margin to play with.
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    Rear Wheel. Spokes Detensioning. Creaking noise under braking or climbing.

    I've run Mavic SLR wheels on a race hardtail and at 95kgs I put them behind their pay grade often, but only on mellow trails (Lysterfield). They held up without drama though, no buckling or tension issues. I think at 100kgs it's too much to ask of them. 28 spoke minimum and then preferably 32...