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    VIC Random road/mtb bits and pieces.

    PM'd you
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    ACT Tyre garage sale 29 and 27.5

    I'll take the Maxxis ardent 29x2.25 exo TR, Continental x-king 29x2.2. I will PM you.
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    Sold Thule ProRide 591 bike carrier x 2 with locks/keys

    Item: Thule ProRide 591 bike carrier x 2, with locks/keys SOLD Location: Diamond Beach, NSW 2430 Item Condition: Very Good. Slight wear & tear as to be expected. Reason for selling: No longer used since purchasing ISI bike carrier. Price and price conditions: SOLD Extra Info: There is a matching...
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    BIKE RACKS AND CARRIERS FOR CARS MEGATHREAD - all questions asked and answered here

    I own a ISI 4x4x2 (2 bike) carrier. Yes ISI carriers are premium priced but for a good reason. They are very very well designed, engineered and constructed with some very clever and unique design elements built into them. Also, because of the modular design of these carriers, you can mix and...
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    VIC Sold

    Tyre Size? Errr...what tyre size matey? 26"/27.5"/29"
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    NSW Sold please delete

    I have PM'd you Matey, I've PM'd you.
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    VIC Sold

    Shimano ICE Resin finned brake pads x 2pks Have sent PM on the Shimano ICE Resin finned brake pads x 2pks
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    High End Lights..... Discussion... Help!!!

    Lupine top notch quality. The dogs bollocks. Glowworm excellent quality too and value and you are supporting a localish (NZ) business. I have Glowworm and have not regretted the investment.
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    Set of XT pads - brand new, never fitted *SOLD*

    Resin or metal? Resin or metal pads?
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    NSW CamelBack Reservoir. NEW SOLD

    2ltrs or 3ltrs? Capacity? 2 litres or 3?
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    WA delete

    Can you please load up some slightly larger images
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    QLD SOLD - X-Tools Torque Wrench

    Check your PM Dude, can you check your PM's pls. I've sent you a couple and had no response. Cheers.
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    QLD SOLD - X-Tools Torque Wrench

    PM sent Mate, PM sent to you - Winco
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    NSW KS LEV Seat Dropper post 31.6 - now sold

    Have PM'd you
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    NSW sold :PRO chainwhip - new

    PM Offer sent PM offer sent. Winco