1. gippyz

    Sold Liteville 601 MK 2 medium frame

    Item: Liteville 601 Mk2 medium frameset Location: Sydney NSW Item condition: Used Reason for selling: Upgrade got 601 MK4 now. Price and price conditions: $1300 firm. Will ship at your own cost. Pictures: see attachments. Extra info: Works finish (bare alloy) Bought 13 Sep 2017 from...
  2. gippyz

    Sold Pivot Mach 6 Small Carbon Frame 2015

    Item: Pivot Mach 6 small carbon frame 2015 Fox Float X Location: Sydney, NSW Item Condition: Used, 2nd owner Reason for selling: Upgrade to bigger bike Price and price conditions: $1200 Extra Info: Size small. 142x12 rear. Bought it about 2-3 years ago second hand. Some superficial scuff, but no...
  3. gippyz

    Sold Pivot Firebird 2015 Medium Alloy Frame

    Item: Pivot Firebird Alloy Medium 2015 Location: Sydney NSW Item Condition: Used for 2 weeks. Very good condition Reason for selling: Too small Price and price conditions: $800 Extra Info: 160mm rear travel. Fox Float X rear shock. Frame will take 27.5" wheel. It has some rhino tape clear...
  4. gippyz

    Commencal Meta HT AM Frame questions

    Hi guys, I just bought a Commencal Meta HT AM frame, and it came with these clips installed in the exit hole of gear cable and brake hose. What are they for? There are also rubber tubes which i presume need to be inserted into the frame for internal routing? Thanks!
  5. fieldy

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  6. T

    Which Fork + Frame?

    Hey, Im fairly new with riding so if you could help me out that would be great. Iv been contemplating which fork and frame I should get for a hardtail bike. I am into street, dirt jumping and also need it for commuting. With Forks, and i am thinking of rock shox pike 409. What does everyone...