2004 SEQ DH pictures


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G'Day here are a few pictures from the South-East Queensland DH races this year. Hope you like them.



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Look awesome dude, but they don't enlarge when ya click on them (looks like you've direct linked to the thumbnails rather than use the code from the textboxes?).


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Nice looking pic (well what I can see from the thumbs anyway :wink: )
Just moving it to somewhere more appropriate.....


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Looks nice in the thumbnails... I'd like to see them bigger!
the 13th photo down looks REALLY steep, is that just cause of the camera angle? Looks like a mad track.


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to see them larger all the photo's are in the album section in race photo's


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Thanks for your compliments, sorry, I don't know how to get the thumbnails to work so I've made them all larger.

The 13th picture is at Fellcrag, it is pretty step but its partly camera angle


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now i can see them better they are some sweet pics. very good quality to. are they pro riders cause i think i reconise a few


Great pictures. What gear were you using? Were you there at the last round at Brookfield back in September?


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toodles said:
Davf_ac3 said:
Wow, great shots there. So many nice bikes too, except that hardtail running Judy's :wink:
That's Tomac Boy - he rips on that thing...
I really should of said the only bike out of place was that hardtail, compared to all those V10's and all those high end bikes.