2008 Marzocchi 888RCV'S ****SOLD SOLD*****


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Item: 2008 Marzocchi 888RCV'S

Location:Richmond, Melbourne

Item Condition:Brand new, they have never been ridden/used at all

Reason for selling:I wanted to run single crowns, so i have 66sl's on my bike now

Price and price conditions: was thinking around $800ono

Extra Info:They have external rebound, compression and air assist chambers. Rebound and compression is adjusted at the bottom, and the air asist vaulves are at the top. They are a new design for this year, with new style crowns, upers and lowers..... steerer length is 22cm, free freight anywhere in aus...!!



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Being OEM I'm not 100% sure, but they should be. I'm as close to 100% sure they'd be 200mm travel as you can get. The after market ones are.

Out of curiousity, what bike are these off. Theres another set the same just popped up so I'm guessing it's a popular bike. Sunday?


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no i dont believe it would, unless the staunchions on the drop offs are the same as the 888's


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yeh like you all have said they are 38mm this year and like pinned said why would anyone want to sell the top crown off a new set of forks.......

i am not having a go at anyone in particular here but i have had some real stupid offers come from people on farkin in the last couple of months in regards to selling stuff......maybe before you send a pm or post maybe you should think....if that was me, would i do that..??....then maybe post

*************************SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD*********************