2009 fox 36 talas rc2- SOLD


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Item: 2009 FOX 36 TALAS RC2
Location: Lindfield, Sydney
Item Condition: Excellent, just serviced!
Reason for selling: 2010 product is coming!
Price and price conditions: $990 posted to your door
Extra Info: Only a few months old. Just been rebuilt with new seals (both dust wipers and TALAS) and oil. Titanium in colour.
Pictures: Coming
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36 talas

oi mate,why dont you put some pics up?
could be interested,would you take $22 now,and i will pay 78 cents per week till payed off?
my mum can vouch for me!!!
also can i have some free 40's to go with them.even some old ones off gee's bike will do.im not to fussy!!
i am a good rider!any fork will sell better if i ride dem!
i can do rad wheelies,and bunny hops too!!
my front wheel stoppies are legendary,even the claw wants me to teach him how to do dem!
yeah boy!
dees be sold to me yeah?


Likes Bikes and Dirt
Cranky Jerome, I am going to PM you (and your mum) regarding team sponsorship. With your vast array of stunt skills and capabilities I feel it would be criminal to offer you anything less than a garage full of Fox forks, shocks and assorted merchandise, as welll as a Fox logo'd private jet and Hummer to get you around the world showing off your 'skillz to pay da billz'!

For everyone else out there, far less skilled than Jerome I will have to ask you pay for these forks. The price is negotiable so throw me some offers!

Pics to come tomorrow!!