2009 lyrik coil uturn oil change only


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hey guys,

Im pretty confident in pulling apart my 2009 uturn lyriks to change the oil, i know that the spring side takes a small amount of oil and then the mission control side takes the larger volume. I have all the relevant volumes and oil at home. Im wondering if i am just changing the oil do i have to pull the lower legs off or can i just take out the damper and then turn the fork upside down, then refill to the right level or will their be oil stuff under the bottom of the damper shaft.

any help appreciated


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Take out the damper and unscrew the top cap on the spring side and pour out most of the oil, then take your fork by the crown and arch or axle and pump it back and forth a until there's no more spurting out, and leave them upside down for half an hour or so (optional) , clean insides with alchohol (optional) and refill. Screw in the spring top cap and the damper and you should be good to go.