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For 2010 Fox is again setting new benchmarks in suspension technology. Loads of new features, new products and exciting advancements!


- FIT damping for the 32 family of forks. The new FIT RLC will bring again a great performance increase for all XC, Marathon, All Mountain and Trail riders. The FIT damper uses a unique bladder design which provides the lowest possible friction for a sealed damper, reduces fluid aeration for enhanced consistency, and reduces unsprung weight for faster wheel response and increased steering precision; 100 Grams lighter in 80/100mm travel and the 120mm looses 140 grams!!

- As well as receiving the new FIT cartridge the 29er fork range will now be available with 15QR and remote lockout options!

- The 36 family of forks will get a more affordable R version; Fox have developed a great riding and simpler Open Bath damper for the R versions.

- All TALAS forks get a new, more ergonomic forged travel adjust lever.


- The FLOAT shocks get the BOOST valve option. The integration of the Boost Valve technology in the FLOAT RP family means increased rider control, traction and bottom-out resistance. Boost valve can be utilized in the beginning of the stroke to achieve increased pedaling efficiency, at the end of the stroke to provide a bottomless feel and more ending stroke control, or throughout the stroke of the shock to prevent suspension overshoot and unwanted rider-terrain induced motion.

- The new DHX RC4 from the WCS title battles will be available for all. Externally adjustable high and low speed velocity sensitive damping and a completely redesigned Boost Valve for position sensitive ending stroke control. Features act independently from each other allowing the rider to dial in the perfect balance of traction, small bump compliance and big hit absorption. A larger diameter shaft lowers internal pressures and increases oil flow throughout the entire shock allowing for a wider range of tuning. Also now available in the longer 10.5” x 3.5”.

Stock of all 2010 product will be available in Australia in July.

In other news... PROTUNE is coming!
While Fox will now (soon in Oz) offer it's own custom tuning, it's first priority is to make sure you have your current fork or shock set-up correctly and are utilizing all features and technologies...

More information and reviews from less 'biased' sources available here:



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Is the FIT cartridge that much better, from those that know? I have 2008 Floats and they're great. I can't imagine a smaller piston and gas charging is going to make _THAT_ much difference on a bike. The cynic in me says that had to do something for the model year, so that was it.

This year they fiddled with the damping, after fiddling with it the year before...


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I saw someone say, "why hasn't fox made a fork to compete with the rock shox totem?"

That got me thinking, Why haven't fox designed a tough single crown freeride fork?
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There's a couple things I'm not sure about with the F series but I guess there's always a trade off ie. non servicable cartridge and hollow crowns on a fork with up to 120mm of travel which were already flexy.

From singletrack.com
The only drawback of the FIT cartridge that I can think of is that it’s not user serviceable - the cartridge is filled in a vacuum to make sure no air can get in - but the sealed design means oil changes should be less frequent and the oil that is loose in the legs is purely for lubricating the seals rather than being used for damping as well.

Racers get this hollow crown for the F-series forks


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That got me thinking, Why haven't fox designed a tough single crown freeride fork?
Sure, it's not quite on the level of a Totem, but a 36 Talas is pretty damn strong. I reckon you'd be hard pressed to break one easily.


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Have you got any details of the new open bath cartridge for the 36?
I expect to recieve tech info including specs and drawings next week. All 2010 info is currently being uploaded onto the service.foxracingshox.com website and i'd expect that to be live the week after.