2010 Lithgow Champs Crash - Lachie


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Lachie sure knows how to crash, haha I can here me saying holy shit when it happened.


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Wow. That was huge.

10 points for the summie. 10000 for jumping up uninjured


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Cant believe that managed to get up from that after hitting that tree pretty hard back first.


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U15's thats insane.... Hands down to that kid, in my eyes thats something to be proud of. At that age for such a young kid at the end of that to get up and first thoughts are.. "Wheres my bike" thats admirable. Ussually an ofset like that would be enough to frighten someone so young to sit sideline of shock. Love your determination kiddo, keep shredding!


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Got a quick video of Lachie in U15's race run crash. Nasty crash, hopefully he didn't do too much damage.


And you kids wonder why us parents worry!!!
Wo , props to you son ! crashes , bike goes bush , then he`s down to the bike to get back into the race . He was a lucky boy that could have been bad . Lucky he rolled and didn`t come to a stop on that tree . That vids a keeper .