2014 Nationals Round 1-3 | JB Photomedia


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Now that the series is finished, here's an easy way to see your photos. I'll be at National Champs in Bright, too.

If you're interested in an A3 collage of photos of yourself/your friends/team from 2014, I'm making and printing them for $60* each. Email photo@jaimeblack.com.au for more info.

All rounds: http://smu.gs/LOYtJI

Round 1: Eagle MTB Park, SA - http://smu.gs/1faSnNb

Round 2: Mt Buller, VIC - http://smu.gs/1bMPEdJ

Round 3: Thredbo MTB, NSW - http://smu.gs/1hiWRDC

*$60 goes toward covering the costs of paper, ink, camera gear / insurance and travel to events, as well as time taken to edit and build collage.
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