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Discussion in 'Post Your Ride' started by richie_gt, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. richie_gt

    richie_gt Likes Bikes and Dirt

    I sold my DH bike at the beginning of the year as I wasn't really riding it that much, for my next bike I thought I'd give this 'All Mountain' thing a try!

    I had a good look around at bikes as I wasn't sure what to get, so I consulted my friendly bike shop and they steered me in the direction of the Remedy! The features that impressed me most were the 34 forks and the clutched XT rear derailleur as I plan to still ride a bit of DH!

    Specification is detailed here:-

    I've only had one decent spin on it so far at Hornsby MTB park, I borrowed the pedals off my crappy hardtail just to get me going!

    First of all I was impressed with how the 27.5 wheel kept momentum over obstacles, I could definitely tell the difference over a 26 inch wheel. Suspension was set in trail mode and provided a good balance for climbing and descending. Brakes were powerful and had good modulation!

    I only used the middle chainring which has pretty much justified my original thoughts of having a single chainring setup - so that will be changed shortly. I'll change the grips ASAP but that's only a personal preference. I found the Bontrager tyres lacked grip when cornering hard, I'll stick with them in the short term but I'm sure to upgrade at some point.

    Future changes/upgrades:-

    - Pedals (flats for now)
    - Single chainring setup (1 x 10)
    - Grips
    - Tyres
    - Tubes (I dislike presta valves)
    - Dropper post (frame has internal cable routing)

    I'm happy to hear any recommendations on setup or feedback!



    Trek Remedy 8 015.jpg Trek Remedy 8 013.jpg
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  2. lobstar

    lobstar Likes Dirt

    Nice rig mate. Can't wait to see the upgrades
  3. richie_gt

    richie_gt Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Cheers Lobstar! I'll need your wisdom for the single chainring setup - not sure if narrow-wide chainring (no guide) is the go or single chainring with a guide! I'll be in touch soon!
  4. johnny

    johnny I'll tells ya! Staff Member

    I'm on the 2013 9 - definitely do the dropper. I run a Crankin 34t N/W, haven't dropped a chain yet and I plough some pretty rugged descents with small drops and jumps. Go tubeless, rides really nicely.

    You'd probably be much better of with some Fox CTD factory 32s. Let's swap.
  5. richie_gt

    richie_gt Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Recently I've made the following upgrades:-

    - Grips: ODI Ruffian
    - Pedals: Shimano Saint
    - Dropper Post: KS LEV Integra

    Will be going 1 x 10 shortly.

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  6. richie_gt

    richie_gt Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Now 1 x 10 - CSixx 32t NW chainring + E13 XCX chainguide!

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  7. remedy8

    remedy8 Squid

    Front Fork

    How you finding the front fork ?
    Are you using Trek recommended settings for sag ?

    I have the same rig and love it, but I am struggling with a equal balance with the front fork.
  8. Nickcz

    Nickcz Cannon Fodder

    Looks awesome mate
  9. johnny

    johnny I'll tells ya! Staff Member

    why a N/W and a guide?

    one defeats the purpose of the other.
  10. Luco

    Luco Likes Dirt

    Summer Hill skate park??????!!!!!!!!

    Nice trek btw, thank goodness you put a dropper on it! And great choice on grips; ruffian = awesome.
  11. kl3ggy

    kl3ggy Likes Dirt

    +1 Just means more weight and an unnecessary part.

    I have a NW, and never dropped a chain......Ever. I'm not the only one either.
  12. marc.r

    marc.r Likes Dirt

    So basically everyone in the crankworks ews is running at least a top guide for show?

    Most were also running bashies - so uncool in 2014.

    I'm confused though I thought everything enduro was cool.....
  13. kl3ggy

    kl3ggy Likes Dirt

    Must be :noidea:
  14. angrybadger

    angrybadger Likes Dirt

    Loads of folk do this. NW/clutched is very good for chain retention but not perfect. A light top guide makes it bombproof.
  15. Ivan

    Ivan Eats Squid

    Your a brave man to run a single ring without a guide, even if it's a N/W.

    Ever dropped a chain when pedalling hard into a big jump or drop? Scary and usually very painful.
  16. richie_gt

    richie_gt Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Cheers for the kind words on the setup - I'm happy with how it's coming together!

    The reason I have NW chainring + chain guide is because I'm after 100% reliability - I don't want to drop a chain...ever!
  17. richie_gt

    richie_gt Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Yep that's Summer Hill skatepark! Well spotted! I usually take the bike there to do a test lap after I've worked on it! I get some strange looks from the kids on scooters when I jump the tabletop!
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  18. kl3ggy

    kl3ggy Likes Dirt

    That's fair enough. I was just going off mates setups. There's have been flawless with SRAM X01 NW chainring without a guide. And it has definitely worked for me aswell, with no chain drops ever.

    Nice setup btw. Was eyeing of last years Remedy before jumping on the norco.

    Nice Bike!
  19. johnny

    johnny I'll tells ya! Staff Member

    Oh yeah, no stranger to dropping chains.

    However, I run a Crankin' N/W on my Remedy without any guide and I'm yet to drop even one chain......, and I ride like a hack on a plough.

    I can understand the "I want 100%" but my experience so far is that a N/W and clutch is 100%.
  20. richie_gt

    richie_gt Likes Bikes and Dirt

    TBH I haven't done a whole heap of off road riding with just the NW (no guide) - I haven't dropped a chain so I do fall into your 100% category!

    However with the NW on its own I felt like there was a risk of losing the chain - I felt like I needed to eliminate the risk by adding the chain guide!

    Anyways back to the bike - next upgrade will most likely be wider bars and shorter stem!

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