2017 Stumpjumper FSR Comp 650b

Discussion in 'Post Your Ride' started by golden path, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. golden path

    golden path Banned

    Picked this up today, immediately took off the heavy stock tyres and threw a 2.35 Maxxis Forekaster on the front and a 2.2 Ardent Race on the back, dropped the stem down one spacer and took it up the bush.

    Pretty happy with it, though I can't work out why they routed everything except the rear brake line through the frame on the alloy bike.


  2. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    Nice bike, your postie must be very happy?

    That external brake is pretty awkward too! Specialized have some interesting routes. I ran my rear brake external because I didn't want the hassle of oil spurting all about while trying to thread the line. Now that it's all done I wish I had ran it internal.
  3. golden path

    golden path Banned


    My postie is always happy.

    IIRC the carbon bikes have the rear brake through the frame.

    Ally bike doesn't seem to feel any heavier than the carbon equivalent.....esp now the heavy stock tyres are off it. My wallet is however much heavier because of the alloy frame.

    Not sure about the dropper post, not sure I really have a use for it TBH.

    JONO WADE Likes Dirt

    Did you do a weight comparison on the tyres? My stock 2016 stumpy tyres weren't that heavy, gripped a hell of a lot better than an ardent race too.

    Give the dropper a chance, once you're used to it you won't want to ride without it.
  5. golden path

    golden path Banned

    Just going off the stated weights, and numbers from other folks who've weighed them. Off the wheels, the Spec tyres are noticeably heavier and stiff in the carcass than the Maxxis ones.
  6. +1 for the previous poster. Dropper post is almost essential on a bike like this.
    Few rides in and you will never ride without it. IMO

    Also the stock Specialized tyres aren't too bad. I have never weighed or compared weights on bikes or components.(Engine room could shave many kilos)
    I rate their rubber pretty highly. But you're probably right that the OEM would be heavier than aftermarket and higher spec.
    Had a Maxxis tyre blow some threads in the casing recently. Blew a bulge in the sidewall which looked like the wheel was badly buckled. Still held air but was pretty well cactus. First time I've seen it but apparently it's happened to plenty.
    Couldn't fault the Maxxis up till that point.
    But have now put the spare Specialized on in its place.

    I like the new range from Specialized. Want to upgrade but recognise it's want rather than need.

    Bike looks clean, I like it. Even with the brake line running external.
  7. golden path

    golden path Banned

    Thanks mate.

    Just took it out for a quick 15km blat, with a fair bit of climbing thrown in. Very happy with how it climbs in all honesty. The tyre combo works great for me - you can tell how stiff the Spec tyres are - the folding ones that came off it are still standing straight up, like wire bead tyres, LOL.

    And in the past I've always found stiff tyres to feel sluggish and lacking in "zing", and I just don't need tyrepower of that magnitude.
  8. wavike

    wavike Likes Dirt

    I've found (in the 26 versions anyway) Splesh good for rockier areas, bit thicker side walls, weights were a bit understated. Maxxis, run small and weights understated also. Botranger XR 3's nice and supple, grippy and spot on claimed weight.
  9. golden path

    golden path Banned

    It can be rocky as hell around here, lots of sharp axe heads, ice bergs etc.

    What I've found over the years is that it can be luck of the draw as to getting cut - I've ridden the same stuff without incident for 20 years ago, from back in the days of light 1.9's, and yet have seen a DH tyre cut on the same trails.

    I've gone the EXO versions of what I have - I agree that some Maxxis can run small, the Ignitor being a classic example.

    The Forekaster is a bee's dick small.


    Ardent Race, on the money.

  10. gtryder

    gtryder Squid

    Love this ! Looks mean in all Black !
  11. golden path

    golden path Banned

    Ta mate, I love the stealth look too.

    Bike has run well so far.

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