2018-19 Xmas break Sydney group ride


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I definately popped the most wheelies.

Scblack can huck!
+1 Scblack can really huck. I had the most crashes and mechanicals; the green saddle on the Liteville is no more. Ocd'r was the tallest and the most wippet like. Hifiandmtb was the next most wippet like.

Overall was a really great ride. Looking forward to the next one. Hopefully it will be before xmas next year. If everyone comes to Manly Dam, Wylde or OMV I can be slightly less mediocre.

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Damn...I was secretly hoping you guys would shame him into selling his beautiful bike to me.
If he decided to sell it yeaterday it wouldn’t have been going to you.....

The seat is dead! Long live the seat

It was as mismatched a green in real life as it was on the internets.
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No photos were taken so here one from a few hours earlier when the temp was ridiculous:

OCD’R & fam at mine, we were watching the storms coming & wondering if the ride was going ahead.

So bloody glad we went