2019 Enduro World Series


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Wonder what washed up never made anything of themselves on the DH circuit is going to win this year?


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looking forward to another enduro season, any one know if old richly is going to race now he has the all clear to do so


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I've got a team but for the life of me I can't log into the Rotorburners, keep getting a wrong password.

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I had the same with the DH league. I closed page and reopened it, then it worked.

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This year, the hardest stage on every round will be titled the Queen stage. The winner of that stage will be awarded 40 bonus series points.


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Ritchie finally broke cover on the 'Gram:

Good luck to everyone racing in Rotorua today!! Especially my @yeticycles boys. —————— With the 2019 season kicking off today, I wanted to give you guys some details on why im not competing. Believe me, its killing me not being there!! Unfortunately, my case has not yet been reviewed by the AFLD. Though I remain optimistic about the outcome of my hearing, I have decided not to compete in the upcoming EWS events in Rotorua or Tasmania out of respect for the AFLD and their process. I appreciate everyone’s continued support and look forward to putting this period behind me and getting back into racing.


The obviative
Must be hard for the athlete to focus in those circumstances. Froome is an exception obviously. Nice of Yeti to seemingly allow him the flexibility to take a break for the personal reasons. I’m sure they’d rather have him out there competing on the new bikes.


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I don't think he's resting, I thought he's in Spain doing a heap of testing for Fox? But I agree I imagine they would much rather have him in the headlines for racing.