2020 Turbo Levo Comp


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Heya so I've had a 2020 Turbo Levo Comp for a week or so. It replaced the 2017 Comp I've been using for 'work' (ebike tours, rentals, commuting down through South Hobart trails to work).

I've done about 4000km on the old Levo, then a few hundred km on the 2019 Comp. Compared to the 2019 model, the 2020 comes with the 700wh battery and the Lyrik Select fork plus a couple of other changes.

Re wheel setup, back to back over a lot of km I much preferred the ride of the 2017 fitted with 27.5 wide rims and Black Diamond 2.8 Butchers vs the narrower 29er rims and 2.6 tires on the 2019. To double check on the newer Levo's I put my 27.5 wheelset on the 2019 Levo - the only negative was less pedal clearance (loose 10-15mm). So with the new 2020 bike I swapped it over to 27.5 running Butcher 2.8's. To help with clearance I'm running 150mm cranks.

The fork has taken a bit of setting up, but feeling good now with 4 tokens. Might upgrade the charger and maybe the airshaft down the track. Just about to start tuning the rear shock.

All up it's a slick machine! Between the 2.1 motor and 700wh battery the range in Turbo mode is great. I can fit in a big trail ride to and from work, then ride my regular MTB on days off.

If anyone is down Tassie way and would like to rent a 2020 Levo, where I work (rollcycles.com.au) will have 16 in total within the next couple of days - covering all sizes, spread between our Launceston and Hobart stores.





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Nice, I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts about any other emtbs you have ridden or your shop has used.


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they are some big ass tires, look like 3.0's
I like the colour scheme too, keep up the pics
Butcher 2.8's, much narrower and way more aggressive than the thin walled 3.0 Plus tires the 2017 era Levo's shipped with but yeah still a big ass tire, especially fitted on the 38mm internal width rim. Like a giant minion.

Was continually trashing tires on the old Levo, haven't wrecked one since going to the Black Diamond casing, ages ago now. Pretty fun in a way, not even thinking about tire weight :)


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How are you finding the brakes on the 2020?
As of now I am not super satisfied with the Guide RE's.

With the Code caliper the RE's are a step up from the Guide R's on the older Levo, which felt super inadequate, but all up I end up feeling under braked on longer steep descents on the RE's compared to the Code RSC's I run on my enduro bike (mainly at Maydena). That bigger reservoir on the Code RSC has got to count for something I guess. The Code RSC's feel good, perform consistently throughout a run, run after run.

TBH I find it a little frustrating working in MTB retail and trying to explain why some expensive dual suspension MTB's ship with shit brakes. It doesn't make any sense to under brake an eMTB.

As soon as 220mm rotors and adaptors are readily available I'll probably chuck one of those on the front of the 2020 Levo. Not sure what I'll do for the brakes themselves- going to spend a bit more time researching options. Won't keep the RE's as is. Wouldn't mind trying something other than Code RSC's. Reckon checking out third party pads e.g. Trickstuff might be worth doing too

Just my 2c atm anyway
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Thanks for the feedback mate, I figured they would be only just adequate. Are you going to try the Code RSC master on place of the RE to see if it is just the lever?


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Forearms don't lie, that yank up has got the front of that 18kgs well airborne..happy days.