2020 World Cup Discussion


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"His big presence and sense of humor will be sorely missed as well as his powerhouse performances on the racetrack. We wish him well on his new team and will continue to be proud of him and his efforts," said the Syndicate's Kathy Sessler.

"He always has the best stories and is always good fun to hang out with. I can't wait until 'Renoir's Memoirs' hits the newsstands. He is an asset to any bike company and a great friend to me," said teammate Steve Peat.

Well there you go, for some reason I thought Rennie had retired around that time. He still rides Santa Cruz V10 as far as I’ve seen on the socials.

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Rode for Morewood with Mitch Delfs for a season or so after the Syndicate I thought...


Likes Dirt
Back to Spesh I hear?
3 man team or Finn getting the arse?
Team swap? Greg would be good for Finn.
That suspension setup of Loic's looks so far ahead of anyone else, would be hard not to be envious.

Hope Vergier does not suffer the same fate as Moir when he changed all his equipment and team. He's super fun to watch (and fast)