24" (507mm ISO) 24-hole rim?


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OK, so I'm looking for a 24" (507mm) rim. There's lots of quality rims out there, dirt cheap, with 32 holes. A few are also available in 36-hole. Problem is, I have a 24 hole hub.

I could go a crazy lacing pattern but before I entertain that idea, I'm hoping someone can point me at a production 24h 24" rim. I'd prefer MTB style construction (20mm+ inner diameter, box section, decent strength etc) but will take all suggestions.

Anyone know of any?

I've emailed velocity to ask if they'll custom-drill. Could be expensive.


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what kind of bike is this going on?

im guessing front wheel??

could useing a 32 or 36 and skip a few holes work? different lacing pattern?


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Yep velocity is your best shot I think. They really usually good with these sorts of things. Try recumbent websites?

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