24" MTB tyre


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Your LBS should be able to get in Schwalbe Black Jack 24x2.1 for about $35 an end. Nice big bag, cheap and good grip and longevity.


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Ordered the Schwable Black Jack 24x2.1 on Monday night from CRC. Arrived this morning. Really nice tyre. Worked out at $20.50 per tyre shipped which was just too hard to resist so I got two.
I'll let you guys know how they perform.
Thanks for all the input.


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Just quick update.
The Black Jacks arrive quite quick. He's been riding on them for a while now and really they were a bargain at $16 a piece.
Rode Forrest for 4 days in very wet conditions and they performed well. Been out at the You Yangs, Lysty and Candlebark. They roll fast on the centre blocks and hold on well in the corners. Dropped the pressure for the wet.
He rode his first race on them out at the Youies and did really well.
I would highly recommend these.