Sold 27.5 Pike RCT3 Boosty Fork


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Item: Pike RCT3 130mm 15x110 boost axle

Location: Adelaide

Item Condition: used. no marks to stanchions, and very minimal marks anywhere. the "Pike" stickers got tatty and were removed, I was going to get custom Pike replica stickers off ebay, but didn't get around to it

Reason for selling: Took off old bike to sell with stock fork

Price and price conditions: $550

Extra Info: 226mm steerer, Solo air, Charger Damper, 15x110
New seals and foam rings fitted last year, no leaks and no creaks ever and can install for you to test before final sale
old seals are included as they only started slightly weeping I thought they would still be good spares.
Includes unused RS shock pump, all volume spacers, box, paperwork and whatever else came with it new.

If you need some wheels to seal the deal I have some Boost "Concept" (focus home brand) wheels that I could bundle in.



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Likes Dirt
I'd like to put this fork on my BFe. Hoping it's still for sale?

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Sorry, there was no interest before so i refitted them and really enjoying riding that bike again.
Not for sale, at the moment anyway