Sold 27.5 Pike RCT3 Boosty Fork


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Item: Pike RCT3 130mm 15x110 boost axle

Location: Adelaide

Item Condition: used. no marks to stanchions, a few scuffs on lowers, the "Pike" stickers got tatty and were removed, I was going to get custom Pike replica stickers off ebay, but didn't get around to it

Reason for selling: bike cracked

Price and price conditions: $550 posted $50 discount if you pick up from Camden Park

Extra Info: 226mm steerer, Solo air, Charger Damper, 15x110
New seals and foam rings fitted a bit over a year ago, no leaks, these have never creaked and can install for you to test before final sale
old seals are included as they only started slightly weeping I thought they might still be good spares.
Includes all volume spacers, box

If you need some wheels to seal the deal I have some Boost "Concept" (focus home brand) wheels that I could bundle in.

Pictures: next post
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