27.5 wheels on 26 frameset

Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by Juz1970, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Juz1970

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    Hi folks.
    Guessing this has been asked before but anyone swapped to 27.5 on their 26-inch bike? Specifically hardtails? And have they been happy or swapped back?
    Contemplating this for a rare 26 frame I found and want to keep so looking to future-proof, although with 26-plus now on the scene, maybe i could try that! :)
  2. JTmofo

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    You will need to offer in a 27.5" wheel and your tyre of choice before making the commitment of buying/building wheels.
    Some frames wont fit 27.5" wheels, even with miniscule XC tyres.
    You might also need a fork, depending on what you already have!

    A 27.5" doesn't actually ride that differently to a 26"..... so there may be very little to be gained, except tyre choice in the future.
    Moorey will be along soon.... he hates anything that's not a 26er..... (he's also dicked around with running 27.5 in a 26 so can probably contribute something worthwhile)
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  4. rowdyflat

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    No problems its great. I havent changed back . most hardtails and fox forks will take 27.5 up to a certain size tyre.eg 2.25
    BB can be higher .
  5. The Duckmeister

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    Forks can be a problem if you're prone to bottoming them out. While clearance under the lower bridge is usually OK, on full compression the 27.5" tyre can hit the underside of the fork crown, which won't have pretty results.
  6. Juz1970

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    Thanks folks.

    It is a 2011 Rocky Mountain Blizzard Long Travel (LT) frame, with a Fox 36 140mm about to be fitted (the LT frame is designed for forks 110-150). I already have a XC (100mm) RM Blizz but my wife has now claimed it so got super-lucky and found this rare frame for myself!

    Might just stick with finding a set of 26 rims for now (maybe try and find a set of FLOW EX or build them) but will throw my Bronson's wheel on the front fork in the meantime just to check.

    Just about to start the build-up so everything's a bit fluid/not definite andwas just scouting for opinions so thanks once again for the responses.


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  7. Daniel Hale

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    switched & am happy, swapped over my cotic bfe26, went 27.5 now have another 27.5 frame, its a goldilocks wheel size for me, make the switch i say
  8. Juz1970

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    Thanks Daniel!

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