30ft gap on a hardtail


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please keep this on topic.. this has nothing to do with your 30ft flute yoshi. :)


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not on a hard tail i dont have any money to fix it when i crash and brake it
i dont want to be mean but if you want to know how to make a road gap come to the ACT we will show you how its done ala because we can style but that one is gone now we have a new one just as far not as high into a burm in to a phat set of dubbels ill find a pic and post it


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Hi aussie, welcome to the forum.

it's not our gap, if thats what your trying to say. This from pinkbike...

With only days left to edit on Statement, Russ Morrell asked me for one more chance to shoot in Virgin, Utah.
He said he had big plans. When he busted the Robbie Bourdon gap (20x30 feet) from the second day Red Bull Rampage course and then followed it with a 30x30 foot drop, I believed him.
but by all means post a pic if you can find one, we'd love to have as many pictures of Australian riders and tracks as possible.



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I reckon a lot of people would be surprised how good the riding in Toowoomba is. We've got runs golare and more popping up all the time. Preston is absolutely off it's head!!! Gaps, we got some niiice gaps, we know how to build too, although I've about how good Canberra is, too bad a lot of shit got burnt. How much of the original riding is left ?


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I must say that there is no way I see that the drop that he did was 30 feet. 30 feet is huge, it looks like 15 in the video, due to the ratio of his body size, and speed of falling, he should have been in the air for 2wice as long. I could see a 30 foot gsp though.


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hrm... I think it is 30ft myself... or at least ~ 25.... I wonder how they actually measure these drops... or do they just guess?


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I was looking into, (and proboly still am) looking into hucking a 30 footer. At first, i was nervous thinking about it when i saw how high 30 vertical feet was, but then after i saw that video, it seemed like someone cut it in half.


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thanks for the welcome most of the stuff got torched places like bluerange and stromlo izaccs is the place with the stuff in because we can and it was loged because thay need wood because the wood thay were loging was out near bluerange. we are franticly makeing things so we arnt going to be stuck out in the rain later in the year.

i will post our dumy event poster just to see the intersest i get in it
it will be most likely be held in conjunction with the last DH of the year wich will be on a new track here in the ACT. oh and we will have anouter DH party wich may have some free grog fingers crossed

how do i up load a pic[/img]

Sarah Wixom

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really 30ft!

Pana said:
hrm... I think it is 30ft myself... or at least ~ 25.... I wonder how they actually measure these drops... or do they just guess?
"They...being me, and the rest of the Invictus Productions crew, did measure the drop...the first time with approximation, and then after Russ did it the second time (a week later, and the day before the vid was due) with a measuring tape.

The angle of video that was posted on Pinkbike did not show his drop very well, and I can understand the doubt that has come up. In Statement you have more angles to judge it from (mostly from his second time) and are able to see the drop, and the landing a lot better.

The first time he hit it...I had my still camera frame set as wide as I thought he could possibly go, but it wasn't wide enough and I still missed the landing! :shock: It was 29.9ft vert & distance.
The second time he went even farther...and I hope I got the landing (The photos are still at the developers) with a gap of 44ft, 4inches, and application of the Pythagorean theorem at 45 degrees it is just over 30ft.

I hope this helps.

-Sarah Wixom
PR Director & Photographer
Invictus Productions


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Hi Sarah!

Well if any of you guys had doubts, you've just been denied :p

Sarah, any chance of putting up some pics when you get them developed? It would be much appreciated!



Just a thought, but could we possibly institute a policy of not having people post these bullsh*t "Your drops not 30 feet" type of things. Too many previously good message boards have been polluted by people posting this sort of stuff, these days you can't post a pic on nsmb or pinkbike that is anything but 8ft. Any less and people say u suck, any more and they say it's a photoshop or start with the "That's not x ft" crap. We should be stoked that people are proud enough of what they've done to share it with us, not rag on them because we don't agree with their assessment of how big they've gone.