4X, 21 October


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Since our 4X racing calendar so full, Lilydale BMX club have decided to try something new.
They are holding a club race on Friday 21 October and there will be a 4x class as well. Anyone on a MTB can race and there will be day licenses avaible for anyone who does not hold a current BMXA or MTBA license. Depending on the turnout this might be a regular thing at other BMX clubs as well, this it the first one just to see how many are intrested, im sure there must be a few so spread the word.

WHERE? Lilydale BMX Track.

WHEN? Friday 21 October 6:30pm

HOW MUCH? They said about $10 with 80% going back into the prize pool.
The money collected from Day Licenses will be put into the prize pool as well, alowing there are no crashes or other incidents.

WHAT ELSE? Im guessing were gona be riding under their rules, so it might be an idea to bring long pants and tops, plus a full face. But were working on that one.

Sounds like a good night see y'all there.


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Yeh ill be there.

I think ive seen you there before, im usually there on a specialized 24" bmx.
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damn it!

na 5v will do me, and you've seen my pump through the track, no one has beaten me in a rolling race yet, NO ONE!!!


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matt99 said:
I'm going to plow you into the ground Anthony. Thats right, 1V bitch.
its on u little woman, damn 243. the revell will own u... haha, i dunno actually, im not very good at lilydale...but still, its on

at the drive in

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Im from ballarat and have neve ridden the track before. Would it be possible for 2 or 3 of us to come down and ride the track in the arvo before the race.


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i'm out at the moment for another 6 weeks but if this ends up happening looks like i might have to make myself a 4x bike:cool: :eek:


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G'day, is it still on for tommorow?

Also, will it still be held even if its stormy? Under what conditions will it be called off?