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Discussion in 'XC / cross country' started by batesy, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. batesy

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    thinking about entering the bright 6hr in sept with a couple of mates, just wondering how they work it with splitting up the 6 hours? does person 1 do 2 hrs then person 2 then person 3? or do you do 1 lap then swap?
    any info appreciated as I haven't raced since the early 2000s so I'm a bit outta the loop

  2. yuley95

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    Haven't ridden the Bright 6 hour but done a few others here and there. It's really up to you to split it however you like but most people do a lap then handover to their mate. It's the easiest way to maintain reasonable recovery if you are only averagely fit.

    Some freaks smash out 6 hours solo (and generally ride much faster the whole time than I do) but if you are there for fun then one lap on and one lap off works well.
  3. slowmick

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    do your laps one at a time. if you're not in the hunt for a medal you can race each other. used to do a 12 hour as a 6 man with friends. then we got a few more men the did two teams of 4 and raced each other at the back of the pack. the suffering started when we thought we could do three teams of 3 without training. Take a good attitude and you'll have a ball. :thumb:
  4. batesy

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    Ok cool thanks guys so as long as three are racing, doing lap by lap seems the go... looking forward to the challange.. i actually thought about doing it solo... maybe next year
  5. The Duckmeister

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    I'll open by admitting I'm one of those freaks who solos the 6 hours, but have done the team thing a bit. I say do a two-lap stint. I find you've barely warmed up & got into your rhythm before you're coming in to end a lap, then you cool down & when you go back out you're back to square one trying to warm back up & get in the groove again, by which time you've almost finished your lap again.... Once you're in the groove, stay there & rack up another lap or two, it actually hurts less!

    Best 24-hour I did was in a team of three; we were going out & doing four or five-hour stints, get in the zone & just keep riding, and get much better sleep than the teams going lap for lap.
  6. wavike

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    I couldn't find the lap distance or elevation on the website, but looks like on previous results average punters take at least 30min per lap. When you guys ride, do you stop for a breather every 20-30 mins or punch out an hour. I've only done a couple of team events, but suggest start with one lap each to get involved and then go to 2 if you are up to an hour at race pace.
  7. mtb101

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    batesy first thing to consider is elevation gain per lap, then terrain type, then distance, it's better to go hard for 1 lap with a break and blow up on the second. so lap on lap off.

    looks like 6-7k per lap, 150/200 metres per lap, that's pretty tough to jam 150 metres elevation gain into only 6-7k. you going to be buggered bro if you go too hard.

    put your quickest guy on first lap as he's going to get dragged along by the group.


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  8. batesy

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    Sweet thanks for the input mate
  9. batesy

    batesy Squid

    Cool thanks mate, I'll prolly be the quickest in our group so I'll head out first I'd say, expecting some decent hills so should be fun...
  10. ozzybmx

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    Ive done quite a few 6h solos and 24h x 4 team events, longest one was a last year when I did a 24 duo and we got second.

    For 6hrs in a team, just smash 1 lap each. You dont know how long a lap will take or what might happen mechanically/crashes. If it was 12h x 3 I would still say do singles. 12h duo, maybe 2-3 single laps then do doubles.

    Weather changes, it gets dark, the photographer gets bored, people times are not the same... get into it and get single laps poked out so everyone is included from the start.
  11. batesy

    batesy Squid

    Sounds like a plan as well mate... Keep the enthusiasm going and push the pace

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