A new whip for the young shredder - Cube Elite Super HPC Pro


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So the limited lockdown here in Tassie was good for one thing, it got both of my kids into riding. The 11 year is definitely the keener of the two though, and with a trail network at the back gate as well as a recent completed jumps run on the property it would've be a shame to waste the enthusiasm. Like all kids of that age though, it was all about the send, with the missus' old GT Avalanche 26 inch hardtail complete with coil sprung Tora forks copping a hiding. Lucky though he and a few of his mates have seen the value of heading up the hill for some flow action, and with some of them riding older cross country bikes he was keen to try something similar. In the midst of COVID inflation, somehow we lucked out on this steed, and with the seller who is heavily involved in Northern Rivers Dirty Wheels MTB Club. So without further ado:

Frame: Cube Elite Super HPC
Fork: Sid
Crank: XT Triple
Rear Mech: XT 10 Speed
Shifter: XT
Bars: Syntace Vector
Stem: Syntace
Post: Some Cube branded jobbie
Brakes: Not entirely sure, an early Magura MT model, levers have no reach adjust but are metal
Wheels: DT Swiss MA
Tyres: Conti Mountain King

From some google-fu it seems to have been imported through an Indonesian distributor in 2013/14. Aside from some minor cable rub it's in great nick, pedals like a scalded cat and has razor sharp handling, so should improve the bike handling skills. And he's already taken it over the jumps course and given it the thumbs up!
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