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Hey all,

Im going to Albury and staying with family friends over the easter break, should be there on thursday and leaving tuesday. I am taking my dh bike( 2007 V10 with blue wheels, so if you see me say hi) and would love to ride some local trails, like nail can dh track and beechworth (I went there ages ago on my giant upland and liked it, but what is the track like now? Is it worth going too, would still like to hit it up for memories. I was just wondering, If anyone would like to show me around? to the tracks, its O.K I dont bite. If not just any information about where the tracks are and if there are any track near that are worth going too.



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hey mate i would like to show you around beechworth and nailcan but i got a race that w/e. beechworth has had a few changes to the top section, they just added a bigger rock garden and a few jumps, the jumps track has been flattened out to table tops because of safety reasons. has info about the track and where it is.

nailcan also has been changed a fair bit up the top with a new rock garen and jumps also. there will be someone on here that can tell you more then me and should be able to show you around. i know where the track is but cant give you the name of the road its on, all i can tell you is its next to the tafe.
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Thanks for that mate, My friends might have an idea where nail can start (maybe seen riders around there). Would realy like someone too show me the track or pm me the location, would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm unashamedly biased, but I figure there are a bunch of trails and link-ups worth riding on the 'Can.

Worth a look are:
* The DH race run: Ev's thru the Castle into Home Run (or avoid Home Run and take the gaps over the gullies to the right after coming thru the carpark bowl) to finish right up against the fence of Albury TAFE.
* No More Secrets (sign-posted at trail head): really just an alt start to Ev's, picking up the last half of the rock garden below the Castle. More pedally so not such a good 'race' line, but a longer ride and more value for your pedal/push up. Google Map for No More Secrets (It's labelled as the DH Race Track on there, but we've changed the track we race since Matt put that together).
* Terminated into Final Terms: Terminated has been there a while now, but Final Terms (sign-posted if you look for it) continues down to where it was always going to go.

.. and there's a bunch of ways to link these trails: Terminated into Evs, No More Secrets into Final Terms, ...

There are also a bunch of other trails up there that aren't as well maintained, but worth a look if you get bored with what I've mentioned.

Here's a link to an old map. Most of the DH/AM stuff is in the lower right corner (and the xc stuff goes forever). Terminated and Evs are marked if you look closely. The trailhead of NMS is 100m further north of Evs along that some fire-trail and Final Terms leads straight off the end of Terminated.

I'd love to come out out for a spin, but the two screws holding my ankle together say that's not going to happen :(. I'll put the word out to see who's around for Easter and hopefully we'll get a few of the boys out to show you around.

PM or post if you need more info.