Amos Design bikes...


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@Zaf, I hope you’re better at predicting mud and dust imperviousness than WC podiums.

I respect its incredible craftsmanship, love the white forks, but not for me.


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Wonder how it goes in mud with that opening in the downtube onto the shock.
Full of rocks and mud when you use them as proper MTBs like they always do, even that chain stay has a large opening for little rocks to get in and fill full of water every time you wash it.

The aesthetics of the bike look alright because it's different, you're limited to running certain shocks too.
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It hurt! Neither of my chosen women even raced, Greg Minaar failed to qualify, Martin Maes wasn't even there despite all reports that he'd race both EWS and DH full seasons (at least from the start). Left me with Gee and Marcello...neither of which did really well.


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if you reverse it he’d be winning though, so thats something.

Also, good job TKershaw! Smashin it.
He’s only 866% ahead of @Zaf. Ease up.

Just thinking, zaf is the only gearbox frother on the team, and also the one that is so far off the mark it is embarrassing.

Make you think.


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Yeah I was very pleased, even with a 0 from Atwill who didn't qualify.

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Such a hard one to pic. I was positive Frew was on fire for cheap big points...also crashed in quailes. Well done.