Anna Bay Scout Hall Jumps

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  1. caseyrobinson

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    Any Port Stephens riders out there that would be keen to Dig/Ride dirt jumps in Anna bay? I came across this set on Monday and have already spent a couple of days digging and riding. I moved to the area a couple of years ago and I had long since given up on finding soil good enough to build with. The Jumps are intermediate level, soil seems to pack down well as the existing jumps are rock solid. There is pretty easy access to water. Huge potential for an awesome set of jumps.

    first jump followed by a couple of rollers

    second jump into berm

    third jump

    forth jump

    final jump

    pretty messy area, could definitely do with a tidy up as well
  2. pink poodle

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    You spelt fourth incorrectly...

    Looks like a sweet set of jumps that may benefit from being on the DL...
  3. caseyrobinson

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    Jumps as of today. Starting to get some intrest. Apparently they have been around for some time in various forms, working on a beginners line and building up existing line.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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