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The frame was second hand from @Litenbror as he wanted to go down a size. I had recently replaced my Bird AM9 frame with an Aeris 9 because I needed more travel and length to compensate. This had left me with a hole in my MTB aviary between my underused hardtail and my big enduro bike. I just didn't have enough local trails that suited the hardtail and this should fill the gap perfectly. Apparently I am partial to Birds. I pulled the trigger When @kip01 bought my AM9 frame.

This bike is basically the parts from my NS Eccentric hardtail which wasn't getting all that much use. That bike was parts from my trek stache combined with parts that were donated from my Bird Am9 as I changed parts. I had to get a new shock as the topaz I had was the wrong stroke, so I bought that from @Plankosaurus who had pulled that shock off his Bird... (I'm just realising how incestuous us Bird owners are, anyone care to inject some fresh genetics?)

It is virtually finished, I just need to put the chain on and get the suspension dialled before we can take flight.

Frame - Bird Aeris 9ML
Rear shock - DVO Topaz 210x55
Front shock/fork - DVO Diamond
Handlebars - Commencal something or other 780 wide
Stem - Spank Spoon 31.8 x 40mm
Headset - cane creek ZS44 / ZS 56
Grips - Black somethings, will probably change to DMR death grips at some point
Saddle - WTB Rocket
Seatpost - Brand X 170mm, would love to change to a 210 like my other bird down the track
Front brake - Magura MT5 & 203 rotor
Rear brake - Magura MT5 & 180 rotor
Cranks - SRAM GX 175 with oval chainring
Chainguide - Teeth
Chain - be patient young one
Pedals - Crank Bros Stamp 1
Front derailleur - fingers
Rear derailleur - SRAM GX 11 spd
Front shifter - Hopes and dreams
Rear shifter - SRAM GX 11 spd
Cassette - SRAM X01 With one up extender 10-44t
Front hub - Hope pro 4
Rear hub - Hope pro 4
Front rim - Ryde Edge 30 offset
Rear rim - Ryde Edge 30 offset
Spokes - DT Swiss comp from memory
Nipples - DT Brass
Tyres - currently Goodyear Newton ST on the front, Onza Aquilla rear in 2.6 / 2.4. might change to some Goodyear Newton's that are both in 2.4 once I get it dialled.
Tubes - Head tube, top tube, down tube and seat tube.
Total weight - Don't ask a bird her weight or age. Just know this bird makes makes me feel that familiar feeling.

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likes thicc birds
So this is actually running again and I'm smitten. I pinched the wheel set for my enduro bike before an ovwerseas trip in June and only found the time to rebuild the wheel recently. I put on a 210 Dropper as well which has really made it fun to throw around.

I've only ridden it on the small set of local trails but it makes those trails fun again. The bike feels really well balanced and playful. Geo is similar but a it more nimble feeling compared to my other bike (a bigger bird currently set up at 180/180). The way it accelerates and manoeuvres is exactly what I want from a short travel bike and the geo keeps it feeling confident when it gets steep. I would happy for it to be my main bike and it would be if there wasn't so much gravity riding in the local area.

Right now it is 10/10
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likes thicc birds
I've been a bit slow with an update but this bike has been awesome and a perfect fit in the aviary.

I've been getting comfortable on it and have a pretty good idea of where it's limits like (when I am on board anyway).It is very capable for a 130 travel bike but is just limited enough to make my big bird shine is some circumstances, mainly rock gardens and when heaps of travel and coil suspension help you find traction when it gets rough. The geometry is a really good balance that's let's you tackle steep stuff confidently but the slightly shorter rear end and dynamics of the shorter travel/lighter bike makes it a perfect trail bike.

I rode it on a solo ride on the weekend on a solo ride that would have suited either this bike or the 180 travel big bird but thought this would be fun. Being solo gave me the opportunity focus on my riding and the bike which was good. One spot was a good example. I normally hop/bump jump over a set of roots and rocks landing on a clear patch of dirt before getting into the rock garden proper. I felt I was heading a bit hot after the landing from the hop and I grabbed the anchors for a moment. This was needed and I was still looking for spots to brake wherever I could in the rock garden. On the big bike I would have been able to charge through at full speed. Earlier in the ride I was riding on some more chilled single track with shorter up and downs where the trail bike was in its element and the quicker acceleration and agile handling was perfect.

Awesome bike that makes me 100% happy with my aviary.




let you google that for me
That Onza rear tyre sticks out like a set of bar ends...

Lovely bikes though :D


It's Not Easy Being Green
That Onza rear tyre sticks out like a set of bar ends...

Lovely bikes though :D
Nothing wrong with the Onza! Good tyres in my experience, second place to Maxxis for durability, quality and price. For me anyway...

That's a nice flock there too @LPG !