VIC Another FOUND thanks Moorey


Down on the left!
Item: WTB shagged out old xc/gravel/tarmac tires 27.5
Location:Altona north but postage Fine
Item Condition:shagged is good.
Reason for selling: the world has turned upside down.
Price and price conditions:cheap
Extra Info: Doing a heap of bike path km’s with a little bit of single track80/20 On my hardtail. 2.5 minions are crap for this

I need 27.5, 29mm internal and tubeless able.



Down on the left!
I think I have some 2.4 nobby nics in a clean out pile. Will check soon if of interest.
Thanks Moorey. I think the Nobby nics might still be too Nobby though?
it never occurred to me to look in my own shed because I thought I’d just have Broduro tires but actually found an Ardent Race which looks perfect for the rear and an old style Nobby Nic buy I think something even more tame would be better.
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call me Mia
Might have an Ardent even. Probably 2.3 though. Think one came on a bike. They’re relying roley on rear. About to check.


Down on the left!
Crossmax race 2.4 ust.
Ardent race 2.2 exo tr
Tomahawk. EXO tr 2.3View attachment 361875View attachment 361876
Don’t know why why anyone even really bothers putting up WTB ads.
There should be a new section titled ‘Moorey you got what I need?’ :D

I think my ardent race is 2.3 or 2.4. So thinking my ardent race on front and your 2.1 ardent race on rear will probably do the trick.

I’ll pm you shortly. Cheers.

Ultra Lord

Hurts. Requires Money. And is nerdy.
Prick still hasn’t bought my landcruiser.

Hows felix gonna pick up without a sweet truck once he learns how to drive huh? Thats two people you haven’t helped now @moorey.