any riding in cobram?


Likes Dirt
Not much single track at the moment. The gates to the Cobram State Forest are still locked after the recent floods. Went for a bit of a ride down there on the weekend and there is still lots of water sitting in the low areas along the single track. Most of the fire roads are fairly dry though.
There is also some fun single track around Tocumwal but I have't been over there since the floods. They are probably a 20 km ride from Cobram on fire road along the Murray. Some nice views but very flat. Not many hills around here to speak of.
Let me know if you need any more info. Happy to help out.

Bundy boy

Likes Dirt
There is XC and DH tracks at Dookie.
Some really nice trails along the river in Shep but they might be under water too.
The tracks around Cobram are all made by the motor bikes so it does not take some of them long untill they are all chopped up.
If you have a roadie you can join a few of us on a ride. Otherwise l may see you out on the trails when they dry up.