Anyone made a claim against their MTBA insurance?


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Hey gang, I did myself a mischief today at Mckayos and am being recommended surgery to repair the issue.

I’m reading through the generic insurance details on the MTBA website, which state “
  • Personal Accident Insurance – 24/7 cover whenever you’re on your bike (for the duration of the event), including non-medicare medical expenses.
  • Public Liability Insurance – 24/7 cover whenever you’re on your bike (for the duration of the event) up to a maximum of $20,000,000.
It would seem they cover medical costs and non Medicare items, though wondering if anyone has made a claim against their insurance previously.

I’ll call Monday to confirm though thought I’d throw to the brains trust first;)


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It's worth slightly more than the paper it's written.

Doesn't cover anything under the public system (IE. Gap fees), doesn't cover any medication, only covers up to $250 a week for income protection. And that's if you're a full race member, if you've got a day licence or free trial it's substantially less.

I think bicycle network have much better coverage, not much good now but worth looking into for future.

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I claimed the income insurance forever ago after breaking my collarbone at a race. They paid it for the couple of weeks it messed with my being a bike mechanic. Luckily now I am fully covered for 100% income through work if I have a big accident.


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I claimed when I did my shoulder at the you yangs. They paid a percentage of my out of picket expenses for the rehab with the osteo. other than having to go to the GP to get him to sign the form it was pretty pain free.


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I claimed when I broke my back. Just needed club/organiser of event to fill out a part of form from memory. Was pretty easy.
They offered to reimburse me for physio costs and paid a fixed income. I think it was 500 a fortnight. Better than nothing.
I think only catch is they wanted a letter from my employer stating I had used all my sick leave entitlement first, must be in the smallprint.


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worth it for me!
busted ankle few years ago
income is 85% of your wage up to a max of $500 per week ! BUT 4 week wait period for this to kick in not bad when i was off work for 3 months!
medical expenses is up to again 85% of out of pocket , anything covered by medicare is not covered though
ie my surgeons fee after my health insurance was $400 but had soem medicare stuff in it, they paid $0
all my physio they paid 85% of my out of pocket expenses

worth it for me for sure!


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Thanks for your info Team, I’ll be off for approx 3 weeks. I’ll touch base with them this week and see what eventuates.

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I have mid to high level private health insurance. I had Bicycle Network but let it lapse. I have months of sick and long service leave at full pay. Are any of these cycling insurnce plans any benefit? My mate prompted me by asking so thought I'd get some informed opinions. I might race once every couple of years, and have just had the event coverage since being a BMXer 10 years back.


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If u have private health insurance, u should try to claim any out of pocket expense from them first, and maybe the rest from MTBA.

I never have a health insurance, but have had a few nasty accidents on MTB in the past that resulted in me being carted to hospital. MTBA has been really good for claims. All they need is just receipts and a GP report on the accident.


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I never claim any compensation for loss of income - as i didn't lose my job, so i don't know how they are with those claims.