Appin xc


Hey guys, has anyone ridden the Appin xc trail lately?
I haven't ridden there in a while and last I heard, we weren't too welcome to ride there.


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Yeah I did some laps on Friday... It's running ok, with the exception of the bridge which is missing and requires a bike carry over the creek. Worth a roll for sure... I like Appin


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The torrential rain of late destroyed it . Which was lucky as riding the course backwards one night we discovered it . Once committed to the drop its only the water option .

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...its only the water option .
I'd avoid going into that creek. The bridge crossed Brennans Ck which is the overflow from the West Cliff Colliery tailings dam further up the creek (nice green colour: It is very polluted with all the shit run-off from the coal mine. Last time I was out riding around there the creek was a deep green colour and smelt very bad.


P.S. Kentlyn isn't that far away from Appin. See link in my sig below.


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Yeah we ride Kentlyn a bit in fact it may be this weeks night ride . As far as Appin is concerned there is so much more better riding out there apart from the old race loop . I like how after torrential rain runoff all the techy trails change and you are constantly hitting new lines .