Atomlab Pedals


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Enough said, these pedals cost an pocket buring $250 cdn!! They are the Atomlab balastic pedals. They are made of Bullet Proof plastic, which i think is the coolest thing ever, and also because they have no bearings. I can't get a picture up, but here is there site, and the brother pedal the aircorp that is also sick. Whats your take on this type of pedal with no bearings and bullet proof plastic?



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the pins fall out of them from what i hear, great if your doing pedal grinds coz the plastic slides really well with no pins but a bit of a joke for the real world, um, no bearings, what can ya say... bad? personaly i wouldn't pay that much for pedals, if you want some bullit proof plastic on ya bike get an evil cahin guide.


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primo super tenderisers, DMR v8s or 12s, these are all quality rebuildable, re pinable pedals with a huge platform and bulk grip. they should be pretty cheap too, i'm not sure how hard it is to get primo or DMR stuff in Canada though. hope this helps.


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Havent had any problems with my FUNN Soul Jams .. they have replaceable pins aswell .. seem to be pretty strong .. as ive bent 2 sets of crank arms but not the pedal spindles .. good grip to.

pretty cheap.


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the one thing i dont' like about your pedals dom is that they have no Parallelogram (sloped sides) so sometime you put your foot down and you take like half a stroke on the side of the pedal and then *thump* the pedal spins and your foot ends up in a funny place, but i'm a bitch and i guess most people wouldn't notice/care about this


The other popular whinge about atomlabs pedals is that they're getting them made cheap as chips by wellgo and selling them for an absolute mint. Not to say there's anything wrong with wellgo gear either, just with rebadging cheap gear and selling it for heaps.


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Atomlab pedals are hell cool. Pins fall out of all pedals including DMR if you don't loctite them. I wouldn't get the plastic ones cause i don't like plastic but the normal alloy ones are real good. Or you could go with the easton Flat Boy pedals, used by Rennie and Kovarik.


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plastic into rock never works dosn't matter how stong they say they are people will always brake them .

no berings = stupid.


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really.... does these pedals make you breakfast in the morning?

for $250 it'd wanna


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all these comments about no bearings being stupid, but remember that the main reason you have bearings in normal pedals is to prevent metal on metal (either steel or alloy) contact and friction. If you made a brass pedal it wouldn't have to have bearings, as it would act as it's own bearing. If the plastic is as hard as it'd need to be to make a decent pedal, and the pedal axle is sufficiently smooth, then no extra bearings will be required. Note also that no bearings doesn't mean no lube, because the pedal/axle junction is a bearing, and needs lube to work properly. So what they really mean is no separate/additional bearings. but i don't necessarily see the benefit, sure there is less moving parts, but last time i checked the only real failure point for most pedals is snapped axles, not bearing failure. my 2c.
Oh, and there's no way i'd pay $250, that'd buy me a lot of replacement bearings and pins for a set of v8's.


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Atom Lab pedals apparently have a lifetime warrety on there spindals, as in the newest AMB mag :), worth $250 if there the only pedal you have to buy. Azonics are pretty good as well though.



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i think the plastic atomlabs are not designed for hard rock hits. i have read that warning on several discussions on those pedals. obviously the pimp factor of a clear pedal is right up there but if its gonna smash or chip then gimme some PRIMO super tenderizers or Antix pedals.


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buy the good stuff and you'll never have to worry again!
just like when i bought my 222
get the cully's !!!!!!!