Bare Creek Bike Park


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You may be aware of the proposal to build a multi-use MTB park at Belrose. With the landfill at the tip closing in November 2014 it is now time to gain momentum for this project. Bare Creek Bike Park would combine XC, DH, AM, Flow, Jump, Pump and CX as well as areas for skills and junior riders
Please see the attached proposal developed by Seuter Planners with the help of IMBA Australia;
Can you help by emailing the local councillors and expressing your views. The next council meeting is 27th May, so these emails need to find their target before this date. You are also encouraged to attend this meeting to show support.
Below are the councillor’s email addresses;,,,,,,,,,

A bit of history in regards to the Belrose Tip (Bare Creek Bike Park)
Manly Warringah Mountain Bike Club/Trail Care were invited onto the Community Advisory Committee at the Belrose Waste and Recycling Centre in mid 2009 by then Councillor Harris from Belrose Rural Community. The idea being for future use proposal for the site once the landfill operations are completed in November 2014.
To fund this concept the landfill established an enhancement fund from levies on tonnage brought to the site. This fund is to be used after closure and will be in the vicinity of $3.4M.
In 2009 WSN Environmental Solutions set to develop a Draft Future Use Concept Plan which was released in February 2010. Submissions to the plan were sought for the 3 options presented. Option 3 (mountain biking) represented 46% of the preferred option and won comfortably.
Warringah Council, at a meeting voted in favour to support the MTB option in principle, but their current stand is that they have insufficient funds to take on the management role of the site. The DA to be changed from SP2 to recreation has been passed through WC. The state member for Davidson (Jonathon O’Dea) has given his full support as well as local Councillor Jose Menano-Pires and the previous Finance Minister Greg Pierce.
The state government sold off the transfer station to French Company, SITA in 2011 and the landfill site went to another state government run company, Waste Assets Management Corporation.
October 2012 cyclists and community groups (which many of you attended) conducted workshops with WAMC, Seuter Planners and IMBA Australia. The workshops were used to discuss the proposed facility, opportunities and constraints, and help shape outcomes.
With this information and help from Trail Care, Seuter Planners have produced the “Bare Creek Bike Park Plan”.
If this plan comes to reality it will be the only venue of its kind in NSW. Demand will be high and it should reduce the impact on illegal trails within Manly/Warringah. At present Manly Dam is the only legal riding facility for MTB’ing in the LGA.

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Big thanks to all involved, and good luck getting it finalised without too many compromises.

Hopefully Sydney riders get behind this and not leave it to 'others'


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Just what I need, bloody mountain bikers next to my transfer station ;)

Actually I'm looking forward to being able to do laps at lunch time with the trailhead 100m from my office door.


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Hi Guys,

I've got hope for the track, I've just sent the below e-mail through to Mayor Regan and the others as I've heard that the maintenance cost considerations are holding them back

Dear Mr Regan and councillors,

It has come to my attention that there has been a lack of support in the council regarding the proposed Bare Creek mountain biking facility. I would implore you to consider your position in relation to the park.

As an avid mountain biker I have travelled large distances to compete in mountain bike races and recreationally ride. New Zealand, Thailand, Melbourne, Canberra, the Gold Coast, these are just some of the places I have visited and should give you an indication of the commitment that I, and a lot of the mountain biking community have in relation to our riding.

At present there is no purpose built mountain biking facility close to the Northern Beaches area, Manly dam is adequate at best, Old Mans Valley in Hornsby is a good start but very short. Warringah council has the opportunity to build a world class facility that would attract people not only from around Sydney but interstate and overseas as well. With the Northern Beaches being one of the main centres of Cycling in Sydney it would be a logical fit for this facility.

As I am aware maintenance cost is always an issue I would encourage you to engage with local mountain biking clubs whom have proved to be very willing to participate in working bees, clean ups and other activities that would save on maintenance costs.

In summary I hope to hear some good news regarding this much needed facility soon.