Best DH Fork...


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If you could have any Downhill fork currently on the market, what would it be?

I've always liked the Marzocchi lineup, so i'd take a Monster T.
(based purely on other reviews, i've never ridden any :cry: )


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Well, for pure DH, I would have to say a pair of boxxers. They are light, and although straight out of the box they are a bit dodgy, but set up right, they are definately one of the, if not the best DH fork you can get. Monster T's are not realy a DH fork either. more of a Hucking fork :)


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RST 381's !!!!!!!!!

/me thinks i have a pair of even older forks somewhere....its almost like riding rigid :D


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josh said:
RST 381's !!!!!!!!!

/me thinks i have a pair of even older forks somewhere....its almost like riding rigid :D
you know they are tuff mate :p

i wonder how long they last on the khs as a jumping bike..


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Best DH fork

Mozo XMO 5.5's easily man

hey look there are some for sale in the Classifieds section

they get me down the hill alright ..

Ive never ridden Boxxers or Dorado's before so i wouldnt have a bloody clue.

but you hear more + comments from Boxxer owners

Although someone once told me THE forks rule ( KOWA ).. however they are farking expensive
dude there runs em and sells em .. they are Jap made and apparenlty smoother then a smooth criminal

But who the fark can afford $3900 forks ?

KOWA who are the crazy Fork making Japs apparently make awesome Motox forks aswell.

But pricey.

id stick with Mozo's if your looking to buy though ..
check out the classifieds hehe


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Best dh fork i hear you ask well...


Thats it in my opinion. the THE forks i thought were cool originally, they feel good but they have progressive springs which make the start of the travel too soft and the end too hard. Matt Tape is over his, he tried to put boxxer springs in them.


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considering i don't actualy own any DH forks, this is what i have heard in various rambelings around the net and bouncing around on other peoples bikes.

Shiver- if you don't like maintenance want a bomb proof fork and can deal with the extra weight
Darado- if you like Maintenance, stiffness and can afford it (you pro riders need not comment)
Boxxer- all round pretty good, maybe a bit flexy depending how hard you ride/ how heavy you are
lets see, i have owned a 02 shiver,01 foes wet one,01 manitou x vert carbon,01 super t,02 white brothers dh3.
i would list my favorite in this order
#2-white brothers dh3
#3-manitou x vert carbon
#5-super t

i would also really like to ride a dorado,but may buy a new white brothers next year or a new foes. i didn't like the shiver at all, but i don't tend to like any of the marz. dc forks.
monster is o.k but it isn't a dh fork. it's a big drop for or if your a hack!!!!

big dan

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I reckon ty summed it lazy and big so shivers are sweet for me. Best fork i have ever used.


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boxxer teams just cause they are black but any boxxers really.i mean i wouldn't say no to someone giving me some WC's.