Best place to buy Minion WTs?

Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by BT180, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. BT180

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    Hey Guys, just after the best/cheapest place to buy Minions. I'm after a Minion DHR2 2.4 WT and DHF 2.5 WT. My go-to would usually be Mountain Bikes Direct, but they're out of stock. So where does everyone get their rubber?

    Also, these are going on 25mm ID rims for the time being (until I can afford/justify a new wheelset). Shouldn't be any issues with that?
  2. Ky1e

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    Shoot me a msg!
  3. mark22

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  4. schred

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    2.5wt - won't have issues, but will noticeably be less than ideal on that rim size, you'll see.
  5. BT180

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    How so? I'll run a bit higher pressure I guess (mid-20s), to help avoid them squirming around.
  6. hungrytiger

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    I am 80kg and running wt at 20psi on 23mm ID rims with no issues. You will be fine....
  7. schred

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    It's going to be personal but i found the profile on narrow rims to be round and harder to get them to hook up, prefer the narrower version on that size rim. Higher pressure as a bandaid sucks also.
  8. moorey

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    TBE had some well priced WT's the other day.

    Edit. Just had a look. Might be sold out.
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  9. BT180

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    Yeah, TBE look like a great price. Don't appear to have the models I'm after though.

    Just need to work out whether it's best to buy the standard 2.3s for now, as they're probably more suited to my 25mm ID rims. By the time I can afford a new wheelset, I'll probably be due for another tyre replacement anyway.
  10. moorey

    moorey Isn't flammable.

    They had WT in dhf and dhr2 the other day..when I wanted non WT, so I think stock rotates pretty quick. They're my maxxis tyre 'go to' lately. Generally better prices than most places.
  11. BT180

    BT180 Eats Squid

    Cool, will keep checking back.

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