Bikes cost lots of money... how did afford yours?


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After reading forums and seeing pictures from races, I can see that people have some really nice expensive bikes out there. Alot of these bikes are purchased new and cost over $10k, my query is... how do these people afford them? Who here works their butt off to keep them in the sport?


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my bike didnt cost $10k but i still worked my butt off to get it, then worked my butt off again to get more stuff for it!


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I had actually saved up heaps of money for ages, and decided that the best way to spend it was in a nice ride (I hadn't been riding in a while, but hadn't lost the passion). It was biggest single transaction that I have made....


My current bike was bought with the insurance payout off my old one, which was stolen. Now I work as a pizza cook part time to keep it running and buy shiny new things for it :)


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my bike isnt that expensive .. it started as a $1000 GT STS2 .. slowly things broke .. things got replaced .. frames swapped for hardtail .. burleir parts put on ..

I have some money to spend on my bike but sometimes need to justify them .. like .. id love 600 forks but my mozo's do the job .. although ive fallen in love with hydro disc''s ... as soon as i pay ty for the front .. im looking into the back.

But yeah my bike is fairly cheap .. some good parts .. strong heavy shit which shouldnt brake under normal circumstances.


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Parents for my d-eight. I said i had to have it no matter what. Then when they got it they told me they'd never by me a bike again. Now i get one for free so all's good. :D


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if only we all had it like that lindsay.

and working my boo-tay off helps to keep thing rolling at my place.


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endless hours working at subway :/

then more hours Electronics Boutique! A job with dignity hooray for me :)


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a credit card and borrowing my parents car instead of owning one and a 5 day a week job keeps my 4 soon to be 5 bikes running, well running most of the time.



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i'm only 16 and i have to pay $80 a month to pay off my trek bruiser2, i dunno where i get the money from - i guess its from doing odd jobs here and there. but i'm not one of those richie rich kids that gets their bikes paid for, but i really wish i was :p


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i've been a maccas slut for the last couple of years, it's bought me an AC2, and now a bighit DH. pretty much have no life to afford this stuff.
i have a car, but it's on a 4 year loan, at 130 a month.
it's going to be tough now, coos i am 2 days away from handing over the bigguns for my shiny new bike.


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I just bought a Norco One25 2003 which costed $1500~
Im only 14 and could not afford it just by my own money, but i had my parents to pay for it... I want ot get a job but im too young.


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i had two bikes stolen so when i got my insurance money i had enough for a Kona Stinky 02. Worst bit is that i work in a bike shop as a casual as well as being a student which means i never have any money to take advantage of that staff discount....


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i work at a bike shop part time wile at uni and thay let me pay my DH rig of wich is cool until something brakes and your all like shit i havent even payed for it and its costing me more money. and for my duel bike went to the US worked my but of and came back and got it and a car me like US excange rate :wink:


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i was out at mt beuaty the other day on a geog excursion. and 3 bloddy great V10's rode past. i nearly creamed me dacks. bastards got some of the best riding country up there, and they got the best bikes to. and they didnt look a day older than 15 either