boring introduction thread


Is an alien from 2007
I used to be this guy:

and in some ways, I still am. For instance, I still/again (largely) ride his bike:

Ef me looking back at those old threads is a bit of a chuckle. Past Me, you had no idea mate: Future You wishes you'd spent more time riding (old) Oxford Falls and less time talking out your arse. Or gone back to Europe to import Taiwanese generic frames to Germany in 04/5 before those other guys got set up if you were so clever...


Is an alien from 2007
Welcome ‘back’.

How do I pronounce your name?
cheers mate!

I think it was meant to be fill-in-the-blank style, like "call me __"

Popular options in the past have included "fucktard" (thanks mum) and "oi dikked!" but also "oh yeah him nah pfft haha!" and, rarely "mark"

But really I just logged in with my email and that's what I got... your guess is as good as mine. not like it matters eh ;)