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Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by fphmtb, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. fphmtb

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    Got a 2016 boxxer forks, which is about 10 rides old.
    Have noticed some paint wearing off the fork, and it now feels completely different to the other side.
    Additionally after riding I notice, what I think is grease stuck on the fork, this isn't a issue, but just wondering if it is related.
    Is this bad for the fork?

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  2. Mywifesirrational

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    Its not looking good from that picture. I'd say a warranty claim incoming.

    Either no oil and dry seals in the lowers or bushing tolerances out?
  3. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    That is not cool. I would make inquiries with my fork provider about a warranty replacement as the anodising appear faulty.

    Or you have something wedged in your seal.
  4. link1896

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    As poodle pointed out, this is anodising wearing off the stanchion.

    Have you been washing the bike with high pressure water? Traditionally any stanchion wear like this is categorised as outside of warranty coverage due to wear and tear from use without proper service, or washing with high pressure water.

    A poor fitting wiper seal could be letting dust in, or a bad bushing could be the cause.
  5. fphmtb

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    Never washed with high pressure water, always wiped down after every use, and sprayed with that suspension spray stuff after every clean.
  6. fphmtb

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    Contacted the dealer, and they said it was most likely a dry or faulty seal, and that they would send it back off to sram to have it replaced.
    Will the stanchion still be alright even with the anodising wearing off?
  7. Dozer

    Dozer Heavy machinery. Staff Member

    I'm onto the third stanchion on the same side for the exact same problem. SRAM have said it's dirt getting under the seals and acting like sand paper, another has said poor maintenance etc etc. I giggled at that, my bikes are meticulously looked after and function perfectly 'cause I know what I'm doing. I'expected to see some wear on the opposite side as it appeared to e as thought the lowers were twisted or something but nah, just seems like grit gets between the top of the seal and the wiper and destroys the coating.
    Both times the stanchion has been replaced via warranty (very speedily I might add, great recognition and service from SRAM) but still, the issue needs correcting.
    Of note is this: It's worn the exact same spot both times. I'm still convinced something is not geometrically correct and that is causing the issue. I put fresh oil and seals in my forks every couple of months so yeah nah, maintenance ain't the issue.
  8. Staunch

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    This is a pretty common issue with Boxxers around this year. Had it happen to a couple of mates within weeks of getting their bikes, so when another mate bought bike brand new his we serviced the Boxxers before he even rode it to make sure it was greased and spotless. Wear started appearing within a few days. Contact SRAM and see if they can sort you out.

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