Brisbane to Gold Coast Oct 10th-Gathering people who are riding DH,DJ,4x,FR-READ THIS

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Hey everyone!

On the 10th of october there is a huge ride with over 10 000 riders riding to the gold coast as a charity ride

So as there will be lots of road bikes, me and my mates

(who are riding the following bikes:

Me [mitch] - Demo 7 with fox 40's [big bike :p]
Tina - Cannondale Chase [single speed]
Geoff - Easton Nightrain [single speed]
Cody - Merida UMF [big single speed HT]
Alex - Mongoose Fireball
Sebastian - probably a norco 416 [single speed or geared not decided] unless he goes homo on us and chooses a road bike

there may be another mate on a giant glory riding with me)

have decided to get a group together to have abit of fun along the way, some of these will be to try each others bikes out (if your cool with that, no one is going to make you hand over your bike:p), wheelying contested and the 'lets see who can make the biggest splash on a road bike to get an evil look' game (if it rains again)

So pretty much its a chilled out session for 100k down to south port, everyone will stick together and your dont need to worry about being left be hind because it wont happen.

If your interested, post something here about what we should do and if you can make it

(we will decide on a meeting point closer to the date when we have an idea of who can join)

thanks heaps guys!

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i really want to do this unfortunate that i sold my bike i will have to borrow a mates but keen to get back on the bike again defs count me in.


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I'll be riding it, though at the moment I'm doing it on my fixie.

Riding it on my Jackal would be more fun, but since work is paying for my entry and kit, I feel like I should probably put in a "proper" effort..

Might come looking for you guys anyway, since your crew will be more entertaining than the roadies from work :D


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How about bikes that aren't even fit to be sold at K-mart anymore?

Don't really have a suitable bike (by that meaning something that is totally NOT suited for 100km of riding) other than some piece of shit old beaters nowadays. It'd be too easy on my XC bike..

God damn you global economic downturn causing my work to cease employing me (thanks bastards) resulting in seeking employment elsewhere only to be screwed over and not receive my $10000 commissions (and this time a BIG fuck you to shady insulation companies) therefore forcing me to sell two bikes to pay the bank (and a final thanks to them too ;) pricks) thus leaving me without a suitable bike for this ride.

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Hey guys!

thanks for the replies, anyone can join us, we are a really chilled out bunch of blokes :D

Also, during the ride geoff and cody will be just wheelying the whole way, but they are putting XC seats/seat posts on their bikes.

We're all going to stick together, so it doesnt really matter what bike you have, we just need you to be able to pedal most of the way (Like its okay if you have to walk up huge hills... coz i will be :p)

But yeah everyone thats interested in starting with us, I'm going to work out where we should meet and what time and I'll post it up soon :)

Anyone that would like to try find us along the way can just grab my number and we could work out joining at a pit stop


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I'm planning on doing it on my Santa Cruz Heckler set up as 1 x 9, although I'm planning on putting on slicks. I'd like to hook up if it's OK.


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StD (sheeeet that looks bad) Uhm

Steve the Dog, are whining teenagers allowed on this bikefest? I have one that is a fairly strong rider, but a teenager, so how many corner shop stops are on the cards?


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Steve the Dog, are whining teenagers allowed on this bikefest? I have one that is a fairly strong rider, but a teenager, so how many corner shop stops are on the cards?
You should go into marketing the way you're selling the positive aspects of your teen :p

Conversations with people who've done it before suggest there are two major rest stops - one in or around Logan where the 60km ride starts, and then another about 40km further on.

If you wanted to make extra stops, then there should be plenty of opportunity once we get toward then end when I understand we're on surface streets. Prior to that, I believe we're on the highway, which limits the number of corner shops, but that said there are still the few servos along the way.

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well we are all about 16-18 years old so yeah we're happy to have anyone coming, but we want to stick to having two major stops like ttheMerryPrankster said

also sumo your more than welcome to join up with us :)

also i couldnt find it but is the start on grey street again? Like everyone lines up on it ready to go?

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and yeah, everyone needs to make sure they can make it :S we are going in the under 20km/h group tho, coz i need to make it to the end on my bike :p


should be an interesting ride with rain. Skids and wheelies galore, I just dont think the roadie will handle the skids or wheelies

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haha yep shot gun splashing all the road riders, hey everyone that wants to ride with us can i get your number? we are going to get there at about 5.30 and we were thinking of meeting at the Maratime museum, whos riding with us? :)