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  1. Bretto172

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    Havent ridden this yet due to munted knee.. Hanging to get on it. Good fun to build, mostly with bits from my outgoing Nomad. Thinking of the X2 or Elevensix for the rear but I'll give the float x a go before I make any purchases :)

    Frame - 16' SC Bronson
    Rear shock - Float X for now..
    Front shock/fork - Fox 36
    Handlebars - Enve DH
    Stem - Enve 40mm
    Headset - King
    Grips - ODI Vans
    Saddle - Specialized
    Seatpost - Reverb 150
    Front brake -Guide RSC
    Rear brake - Guide RSC
    Cranks - XX1
    Chainguide - Shovel Enduro
    Chain - XX1
    Pedals - Twenty6 PreRunner
    Rear derailleur - X01 11spd
    Rear shifter - X01 11spd
    Cassette - X01
    Wheels - BC Tammar
    Tyres - Minion DHF Front and SS rear
    Pics -
    IMG_2879.jpg IMG_2880.jpg
  2. ForkinGreat

    ForkinGreat Random Krishna

    Excellent Bike :) rocking the gold ano pedals ftw :thumb:
  3. mooboyj

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    Do you ride around Kalamunda? Nice ride, but no 2005 Heckler :rofl:
  4. Asininedrivel

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    That is literally perfect. Great choice on the wheels too from a biased South Australian. Keen to hear how they go?
  5. Bretto172

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    Well, after a few rides back from a munted knee I can say this thing is mint... Coming from a Nomad and having a Stumpy 29er also I reckon this thing is the best of both worlds. No dramas on the climbs, nicely weighted and pedals well especially with the X2 now. X2 as per previous posts on other frames is the business, rate it very highly.. and for the BC Tammar's well.. Having previously been a mavic addict before moving to AM, M60 and M70's ENVE's I reckon in my humble opinion that the BC's are the T*ts! Radelaide - represent. They feel smooth, easy as to seat a tyre even with a small hand pump and create an awesome tyre profile for 2.3-2.5 tyres. Running Minion SS an DHF in DD compound at present, 95kg rider and 26psi front and 28psi rear, spot on for the WA pea gravel. Cheers lads
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  6. hifiandmtb

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    Should be mint. Cost a mint.

    Sweet ride.

    BRADSTA Likes Bikes

    Mint bike mate!! Hey did you buy the BC Tamma wheels built or go custom, as they don't sell rim only? I have been eyeing a set off for my yeti since looking at them @summit cycles and was told compared to enve they would be the pick of the 2..
  8. Bretto172

    Bretto172 Likes Dirt


    Bought them built with the DT240 hubs mate, no complaints! I have a set of M70's from my previous build and I prefer the BC's, better feel but also width at 32mm.. You won't regret them.

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