NSW Bulli Builders - let's work together!


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Seems like there's now a few independent groups of trail fairies around Bulli, doing some excellent work of rebuilding/repairing/rejuvenating the existing trails; great to see. Imagine what we could achieve if we pooled our resources and worked together on the "master plan"! I'm not talking about a few botched patch jobs, but world-class building and trails as the end result; it's totally on the cards!!!

If you've been involved, or want to be, send me a PM and we'll try to get together to meet and plan how to get the best results for everyone!

Go the Bull!

Wiffle :)


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hey mate,
a few mates and i are some of those trail fairies you were talking about!
we would love to put in some work and really get the bulli tracks to where they were a few years back.



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That top section of the downhill (more towards bulli pass) is looking real nice! Just need some work in the section right before the creek.

Does anyone know of trails within 45 minutes drive from wollongong? Heard of a few at appin and helensburgh...


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Appin is fairly well known and documented on the net. Would be happy to swap you tours, I'll show you appin, I'll show me bulli.
The trails are looking good & the work is appreciated, but if you have been doing the work up there with tools you found stashed in the bush can you please return them to where you found them
I'm happy for them to get used but I would like to know where they are :)


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In light of recent activity to close trail entries where they cross the fireroad, I'm proposing a get-together of potential builders tomorrow afternoon. Meet at the phone tower at 2pm to have a chat, and please pass this on to others you may know who are involved in maintenance at Bulli. See you there! :)


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Hi folks,
If you or someone you know is responsible for removing trail features from the Bulli tracks (in particular a natural step-down a few hundred metres before the fenced-off fire road) please tell them to stop!!!! Just because they can't ride a certain feature doesn't mean that others can't, and as their own skill level increases they'll appreciate being able to take on the bigger challenges on offer. There's already B and C lines; if you can't ride the A-line, either go around, or go and work on your skills until you can. Please stop dumbing-down the trails!!!! :)

Hey Bulli Riders/Builders,

Wanted to throw out a big pat on the back for the hard work going into the local trails, most of the hard work is well appreciated and is really adding to the riding experience.

I have noticed that the Thirroul tracks have been getting some love too, with many lips being reshaped and berms being dialled. I was disappointed to see a really poorly planned line being cut in on the Austi track, as it's straight down the fall line with no grade reversals, this line will definitely be hard to maintain and will eventually lead to heavy erosion. These tracks are mostly over-looked and I think it is in our best interests be seen taking care of the land, so I am hoping that the builders have a re-think about this line and make it more sustainable.

I was really impressed with the work on the existing trails, namely the creek gap, looks really professionally done and has both a A-line and B-line for the not so experienced riders.

To wrap it up, I wanted to end with a massive thanks for the effort, it is too often people just ride and not dig, so on the most part keep up the great work.


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Austi straight down

That straight cut down at austi is outrageous. A great big erosion gully with trees cleared to do it. It will get everyone kicked out.

I'm glad you agree Zombi.

This is not to say that all the building work at Austi is bad, there is in fact some really good jumps and lines that have been improved.

The straight cut definately needs to be abandoned, I think it will be fine with leaf cover for now, however if bikes start to rut it up, erosion is unavoidable


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Rode Bulli this arvo. Props to whoever's been cutting down trees to widen the trail and piling up the cut up logs to build jumps. Can't wait for the inevitable NPWS response and closure.


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Rode Bulli this arvo. Props to whoever's been cutting down trees to widen the trail and piling up the cut up logs to build jumps. Can't wait for the inevitable NPWS response and closure.

All I read was "jumps". Maybe I'll need to check out he new work.

Hopefully they were trees that came down during those big storms. That being said, up my way we've used fallen trees for building, and been accused of cutting the trees down ourselves. In fact, the local NIMBYs came along with cameras right after the storm to take photos....