Bunny Racing......Rights Reserved by Fuzzy, Peachy and Adin


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lol i'm gonna try and get one of these things made up for me when i'm in bali. it'd be madcore


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so when you're company becomes huge...you can throw big parties and call 'em....wait for it...!
"Bunny Hops"
and have chicks in Bunny wear serving beer-bongs and giving out bunny rubs and .....

muhahahaha :wink:


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Heheh...You guys have Bunny Racing - and the Thredbo guys have "Eager Beaver Bike Co." :D

I am yet to get some pics...but heres how some of the shirts go.
Front: (Eager Beaver logo) and "Eager Beaver says"
Back: Truvativ 'gigapipe' logo "Splined for your pleasure"

Front: (logo) and "Eager Beaver says"
Back: (Thredbo advertising line 'Thredbo - I like it' in same font, but with the letter 'T' scrawled in front of the word 'It')
"Thredbo... I Like Tit"

We're probably getting blank 'RNH' jerseys from canada and getting them printed with Eager Beaver logos and what not - so we'll have the Eager Beaver Bike Co. Factory Racing Team :lol: .


Eager Beaver.......:D:D:D awesome....Bunny racing is supreme though...i mean look at the slogan. "Going at it like rabbits" i mean its a classic..if peachy was still drunk from last night hed agree with me